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    The identity of famous people is the result of their hard work and dedication.

    Everyone wants to create their own identity, they feel that they too should be identified like Shah Rukh, Salman, or any other celebrity but they do not know how they will be able to make their identity.

    No matter what the person is, he is always identified by his behavior whether it is good or bad but he has to know more through his identity, and it is up to us to make this identity. If someone wants to make his identity special and different then he should always have such habits which are different from others, every work should be done differently from others.

    No matter what 'people will say' and just have to focus on your goal. If someone really wants to make a different identity, then he has to understand that first of all, whatever work he does, he should do it properly and responsibly. If you will show off in doing the work then you will never be able to complete that work, so do what you do from the heart and do it rightly, if you do your work with true dedication and hard work then only you will be successful in making your identity.

    Identity starts in our own local area like the neighborhood, school, and then college, after that, as we achieve a big position, our identity also increases, so it is important to remember that it can be started with little identity, only then you will be widely recognized.
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    To get recognition, hard work is important and at the same time luck is also very important. There are many people who work hard but due to bad luck, they may not be getting the recognition. If we want to come up on our own, we have to have a focus on the task and we have to work with concentration on the task. There are many people who came into limelight because of their hard work and risk-taking abilities.
    My sister is a normal student and failed in one subject in her ninth class and but that year the AP State government decide to promote all the students. She felt very bad and started working hard and performed very well by working hard and concentrating on her studies. She completed her MA and B.Ed and worked as a teacher. 3 times she got the best teacher award.

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    Rightly said by the author as hard work never snatched away the success and those who are dedicated towards their goal has reached the pinnacle of winning situation with ease. The hard work should go hand in hand with proper planing and also luck factor because there are so many instances when the success was snatched from the very mouth of its reach. For example a die hard fan of the actor who wants to see the first day first show of the movie would stand in the queue and wants to take ticket. But when he was about to approach the booking window the tickets are over and that is closed. This is because of wrong planning.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Hard work and dedication are the basic ingredients for obtaining success in one's life and it is very true that some people have it and then they become great and famous with the passage of time.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Truly said by the author. Hard work and dedication are important factors for getting success in life. But, luck should also be in favour of the person. Only then people would be able to get success. I have seen many qualified people failing in life due to bad luck. When I was in college, my two batchmates was preparing for PCS exam. Both were same in studies. At the time of the exam, one batchmate got health problem. So, he could not appear in the exam. whereas, another batchmate qualified PCS exam with good rank and became Deputy collector. So, hard work, dedication and luck should be all together with us for getting success.

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    Hard work and approach to work in a positive manner are the two basic ingredients to achieve success. But while attempting the tasks, there could be some circumstances beyond our hands such as health disorders or any event refraining him from going ahead. We may term the same as his ill luck facing a severe setback. However, one thing is sure, such a failure may create obstacle temporarily but ultimately he is sure to come out with flying colours.

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