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    What are the great natural havocs you experienced in your life time?

    Cyclones, torrential rains, floods, droughts, etc. are some of the natural havocs we experienced in our life time. In my childhood time, once we experienced earth quake for few seconds at night time while we are in sleep. The lock kept to the door started making sound and once we suddenly woke up. We thought some thieves beating the doors. But our neighbours shouted it is because of earth quake. As we opened the door it stopped but we found a sedentary snake infront of our house. But nothing happened due to this earth quake. At the same time we have experienced torrential rains for 3 to 4 days without any stoppage. For one week there is no electricity and there is no movement from house to outside. In 1977, we have experienced one of the greatest Divi seema cyclone on November 19th 1977. It is a very fiercible cyclone where the wind gales uprooted trees and doors, gates, roofs of constructions went flying. Almost all trees of road sides and all electric polls have fallen. At that time in our own house, carpenter has removed the doors for repair and on the evening he temporarily arranged the doors to hinges to repair further next day. But the cyclone started in the evening and reached its peak by midnight. My father and I myself stood at front door of the house and hold the doors throughout the night. Water surged into the house and it raised into knee height in all the rooms of the house. The rain and winds slowed down by next morning. Water has overflown from our well. In that way it became a mare night for the Guntur and Krishna districts of AP. This type of cyclone I have never seen in my life time. Now we can in clude Covid-19 is a natural pandemic that makes us to stick to our houses without going outside for months together. Members, please share your what type of natural havocs you experienced in your life time.
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    I have also witnessed the greatest Diviseema cyclone in the year 1977. The loss was terrible and many people lost their properties. My father planned some repair for our house. Fortunately, major work was completed two days before the incident. Otherwise, we might have faced a very big problem. That time the damage was very high in Krishna and Guntur Dt. of Andhra Pradesh. We were staying in East Godavari Dt of AP. The damage was more in that district also. Many paddy fields were damaged. Farmers lost heavily. Many houses collapsed. Almost all the villages in that district were damaged and the normal life got hit very badly. The schools were closed for almost 20 days and essential commodities availability was a very big problem. Many people died and I never witnessed such an incident after that.
    The present COVID 19 situation is something different in nature. But the effects are very high and the people suffered and suffering a lot because of this.

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    Long ago, I have witnessed one heavy rains and snowfall incident in my hill home town and we were cutoff from the outside world for a few days. There was no communication and delivery of essential items and we had to manage with the grains which we usually stored for a few months. That was a terrible time and it took one week for clearing of those things after the rains stopped.
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    Fortunately we have not experienced any natural havoc as mentioned by the author the reason being we are placed at a place where there is no water body to flood, the road is slope towards the North and there is no question of water being stagnated even if the rain occurs for continued days. And we never came across any earth quake so far as Hyderabad seems to be safer place for all varies of nature. Nevertheless the old city of Hyderabad has witnessed the worst floods and stagnation of water, thanks to the encroachments and construction illegal homes on the land belonging to water bodies and none to question the overtures. The nature has waited people to mend their ways but it would not happen and thus shown its furious way of treating them and now they are realizing the mistake after mistakes done.
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    I had done my Post Graduation from the hill station Nainital and during long holidays I used to go to my hometown which was located in the foothills of Himalayan range. We had to take a bus journey to go to my home town from Nainital. Once in rainy season, I was travelling to my home town. That time the journey took about 10-11 hours and I was at the midway somewhere near a small village that the traffic came to a standstill and we were told that there was a big land slide and the road for a stretch of about 15 km was totally inaccessible. It was a bolt from the blue and we were told that only way was to cross the two hills in between and reach the other side from where we could board the buses coming from there and our buses would be taken up by the people coming here on foot by crossing the same hills to this side. I had a small bag with me and many of us left for the direction we were told to move on. It took about 6-7 hours to cross that stretch of the hills as there was no proper path to move on and we were just going ahead as we saw clear ahead of us. That day we were told to halt there only and got food from a nearby village. The villagers were happy to help us. Somehow we spent the night by adjusting in the village houses and then in the morning we were allotted the bus which took a U turn back taking us to my home town.
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    I have experienced one natural havoc in my life. That was a big cyclone named hudhud which came in Vizag and adjacent area in 2014. It was very horrible. The wind was blowing high speed. When it started people became stunned. Within a second, Big trees uprooted and roads were blocked. Just then electricity cut off and all house and road became dark. After spending some hours, water problem starts. Next day, food problem and water problem both start as all roads were blocked for transportation. The supply of milk and other essential food item has completely stopped. Everywhere, a long queue was there to get a single bottle of water. People were in the troublesome condition. After five days, we got electricity then took a sigh of relief. Really, It was beyond imagination.

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    Nature was very kind to me. Nature did not allow me to witness any disaster like cyclone, earthquake, flood, Tsunami, etc in my life. I had a peaceful and pleasant life till to date, and I do not hope to meet any such natural calamities until my death. The place where I born is not prone to any natural calamities. It is Tirunelveli of south Tamilnadu.

    Of course, Outside my district in Tamilnadu, I had the chance to reach out to the victims of such natural disasters and helped them with food, clothes and shelter. I could reach the Tsunami affected areas in the Kanyakumari district of Tamilnadu in the year 2004.

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