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    Self-assessment is necessary from time to time.

    The outbreak of the Coronavirus epidemic in the country had just begun, and in such a situation a crisis has arisen for all of us, which is an economic crisis. In the Corona crisis, to make the country self-reliant India and to become self-reliant.

    But what is the first thing necessary to become self-dependent? If you want to become self-reliant, then you have to do a self-assessment first, because it will be difficult to defeat the obstacles that come, without doing it.

    In such a situation, if you have already done all the preparations, then it will be very easy. No one can know you better than you. Before starting any work, a plan must and must be done. Just have to churn a good bit of self-reliance on the same plan.
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    True. Self-assessment is always better. One should analyse himself and know what are his strengths and what are his weaknesses.
    As a matter of fact, all of us should assess our financial position properly and plan our budget. When we make our budget if we consider force majeure issues also. We should keep some reserves for that period. But some people are not able to have two meals a day in the regular course also and how they can plan for force majeure.
    During this COVID 19, many people lost their jobs and faced many hardships. But I don't think they might have had a better situation if the self-assessed themselves.
    But it is always advisable to know our own limitations and we should act accordingly show that we will have a better time.

    always confident

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    Actually self assessment is a continuing process. It is a part of the activity. At each stage in our life in our endeavours, whatever these might be, we have to do an assessment and then proceed ahead with the feedbacks generated through it so that the course of action remains error proof and gives us a sort of success and achievement at the end of the said process. All management methods are based on this sound principle and good managers follow them. The external situations bring change in our projects or tasks and then it becomes an essential thing to assess ourselves as how to cope up with those changes and manoeuvre ahead smoothly.
    Knowledge is power.

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