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    Parties and ridiculous election promises

    The ruling dispensation in New Delhi takes the entire Bihar electorate for granted-- it has promised a free vaccine for all citizens of Bihar. Among the poorest and most corrupted States in the entire country, with a deplorable record in education at all levels, it is no wonder that this Hindi State is an example of what any State should not be.

    In any case, the Centre and the States ought to find their own resources to vaccinate every citizen of India and save billions of lives. This can never become an election promise.

    Parties should not promise the moon, just for the sake of votes.
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    I don't know why the author always tries to point out the ruling party in Delhi for everything. Making election promises and not adhering to the promises is a common issue in our country. Are we seeing such things for the first time? I can mention so many promises by almost all the parties in the elections and even today they are to be fulfilled. I feel it is not correct to always keep our fingers pointed towards one party only. Why can't we go by the issues rather than a party?
    It is the duty of the government to see that no one in the country will not die starving. We have seen many governments from different parties. But there are many people even today dying for the lack of food. Is it not a failure of the governments so far acted as the executive of democracy. Like this, there are many points.
    In the coming elections also every party will make their own promises and once they come to power whatever they want to do they will do.

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    The author is pointing out the ruling party for a valid reason. The entire world is reeling under the effects of the Covid virus. At a time like this, making the non-existing vaccine a poll promise shows to what low levels this party can stoop. I am really amazed at the low-level politics of this party. Making promises during election times is totally different from promising free vaccines during the time of pandemic to all Biharis is altogether a new low.
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    Election promises are made for the sake of winning and it is viable then the action would be taken otherwise some spade work start would be given to show that action or the promises made in the manifesto is being undertaken. But the voters cannot be fooled as they cannot forget the money promise made by the central govt that 15 lakh would be deposited during the black money drive and demonetization. But that does not happen and will not happen. And now promising lakhs of jobs is another fiasco or the bombshell from the parties. One thing is sure when the development takes place infrastructure wise for which Bihar has been in the fore front and migrants having returned back from many states, there seems to be reviving the economic growth in Bihar through big road projects for which new jobs needed and created.
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    It is not ethical on the part of the political party to make such an election process. When everyone in the world is looking forward to a vaccine that may save their lives and make life easy, to make such a promise that too about a nonexistent vaccine is highly unethical. Let the promises be realistic.
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    I too really wonder about the government in power promising the voters with the free vaccine if they come to power. I really feel bad about BJP giving such stupid promises. The vaccine should be made available whether or not they come to power in Bihar. Good people also make irrelevant and inappropriate promises to lure the voters.

    My question is - What if BJP loses the election? Will the center not consider the survival of the people of Bihar from COVID-19. Will the party watch and enjoy the people dying without a vaccine?

    A stupid election promise by BJP. I condemn such BJP's election promises.

    No life without Sun

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    Though I agree with Dr Rao's observation, I think the author has got a valid point this time around. Promising free vaccines to all the people of a State is simply beyond the limits. It is not like promising to build bridges or roads or to provide employment to all etc. We must keep the present situation in mind and also the socio-economic condition of the majority of people of that state. We also need to note that it is one of the states with the lowest literacy rates in the country. There are again many factors that make the people of the state politically gullible. By trying to exploit the fear factor among the public and giving them such a false promise just to garner votes, the BJP has once again proved that it is a party that can go to any level to ensure that they are in power.

    Would the BJP have made the same promise if the elections were to be held in Kerala or Delhi some other state where the voters are more socially and politically aware? I doubt.

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    The tragedy in our country is that voters have been deceived many times with the false promises by the different parties and voters being emotional and illiterate cannot analyse how far the party is true to its promise. Both the party and voters go to the extremes in their roles. Unlike other countries, where the voters are to a larger extents are matured, we still have to go a long way to reach that level. We need to change the pattern of election - at least by going through charecters of candidates expecting to win election. Their backgrounds in terms of their past work, cleanliness with respect to crimes and how efficiently they have managed the public funds. Considering all these angles we should cast our votes irrespective of their parties. Such scrutiny of contestants would provide us capable leaders steering the country in the right direction.

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    Many political parties make false promises only to woo the gullible voters and that is definitely in a bad taste whichever party does it. The political culture in our country is like that since last so many decades and when these parties will leave these tantrum we do not know. Parties should actually talk of development and about the ground realties and how they are going to overcome the basic problems people are experiencing in a particular area. That would actually fetch them more votes than promising something which even an ordinary person can tell as false.
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