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    How to tolerate when having a person talking without break

    We can see in our life some persons never talk to others even in a big assembled hall. Some people find as chatter box. Some people will answer for a question only.
    But it is very difficulty to have a person talking without any break and that too without any reason. In my neighbor's house a lady came from outstation, who is talking without any break or subject but she is talking herself as we do not know whom she is pointing but later came to know that she is not pointing out any particular person but she is talking for herself. What kind of disease is this, we do not know.
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    This is good question posed by the author and it is the fact that there are some in every relations and friends, who keep on talking and induce us to listen to them and we are going to waste our valuable time with such persons who intentionally have the ulterior motives to disturb our work. There was one friend who comes from the far of place and he used to come after 9 pm in the night. That is he would finish his office work, house work and he has some relatives nearby my house, and he also comes to see me. Some times he knocks the door at 10 pm which is very odd and the timing cannot be granted. I have the habit of going to bed by 9.30 pm and if he was entertained, I would be losing my sleep timings and the next day would be fatigue and so on. I told him several time not to waste during the late evenings and he keeps on talking non stop to which I was not interested.
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    Such people are very irritating and when we see them coming to our side, we pray God that somehow help to get rid of the person at an earliest. It is really a very bad habit to continuously talk one sided offending the other person.
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    There are some known persons living nearby our areas who may drop in any time without letting you know that they are to meet you. By the time you are preparing to meet one such a fellow, the call bail will ring. He would take his seat once you open the door. The topic might be anything and you have to tolerate him for a pretty long hours.,His talk would go on uninterruptedly even your reminder that it is midnight and you want to retire to your bed. Once you say good bye to such a fellow, he would not mind visiting you the next day without minding your reaction for such a visit. You are lucky definitely if you lack such a company.

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    Ramachandran, if the lady is talking to herself and that too incoherently, I suggest you advise her to get some medical assistance because she might be suffering from Schizophrenia. While talking to oneself has been held by psychologists to be good for your mental health, talking aloud when you are in a group and that too without any subject and without any control is a sign of mental disorder which needs medical attention.

    That having been said, if you are asking about people who keep on talking without being bothered if someone is listening or not and keeps interfering even when someone is not talking to them, then it is possible that it is their habit and they enjoy talking. Such people are indeed irritating.

    The manifestations of all human activities can have different dimensions and we need to be cautious, careful and helpful while interpreting human behaviour.

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    Talking to himself/ herself is a symptom of some disease. In my village, during my childhood, there was a man who you used to go on talking to himself always. He used to roam on roads and all the times he used to talk to himself. He used to have some problems in his house and his wife never used to care for him. She used to ignore him and behave the way she wanted. My father told me that he was very good in his early days but due to the behaviours of his wife, he got upset mentally and became like this. Why I mentioned this example here is that the environment in which we live will also have some effect on our behaviour.
    There are some people who go on talking something or other continuously. They will never think about how much they are disturbing the others. The best thing is to leave them and move away from them. If somebody is talking without giving us to interact, always better to avoid such people.

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    If I come across such people, I would listen to them for a while, and leave them by saying - "You are an interesting person. I am pleased with all the information you shared. However, I have something to do now. We shall meet again. Please bear with me."
    And if they are on the phone line, I would ask them about their lunch or dinner or tea to divert the topic to put to an end to it. Else, I would say that someone has come home, and take excuse from them.

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    Several people of this sort can be seen in our society who speak non-stop but speaking to themselves is an usual way of talking. It may be possible that he/she is in extreme tension or has some issues which are disturbing him/her that moment. If the lady mentioned in the opening post always speaks to herself she might be suffering from mental disorder.
    SPD( Schizotypal Personality Disorder) is this kind of disease and the person suffering from this disease behaves in an abnormal way. Other people find him/her as eccentric and paranoid.

    People with schizotypal personality disorder have odd behavior, speech patterns, thoughts, and perceptions. Such people dress, speak, or act in an odd or unusual way. They are self-engrossed, suspicious, uncomfortable or anxious in social situations due to their distrust of others, dislike intimacy or friendship with people and have odd beliefs or magical thinking. If someone is family have this disease needs emotional support and medical treatment.

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