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    Bad and challenging time maximum lasts for 10 years

    Today I had an interesting talks on varied subject with one of my close relative who is knowledgeable with many aspects of life not because of education but through the legacy of life experiences passed through their elders. He said that the bad and challenging periods is not permanent and would vanish at the maximum in 10 years. Probably there is a greater meaning in it because after seven and half years Shani period and two and half years of Shani at eighth position would bring maximum challenges and ease out at the end.
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    I have my own ideas about this. We can't say that challenging times will be only for a maximum of 10 years. Probably the knowledgeable person with whom the author interacted might have experienced this. But I have seen people who suffered more e than that in their lives. At the same time, there are people who never had any problem in their lives.
    The seven and half years of Shani will come once in thirty years. That means 25% of 30 years is bad if we consider that period as bad. In 60 years we will have two-time Shani and which will be 15 years. If really Shani is bad we have to suffer 25% of our lifetime. So I am not thinking that 10 years maximum is having no logic.
    But it is not correct to think that Shani is always bad. There are people who did wonders during those seven and a half years period. There are other planets also like Kuja, Rahu and Kethu and some times these planets are also malefic. I feel we can't say that challenging period will be just 10 years in the lifetime of a person.

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    There are many such things which are told by the people but what is the authenticity of such claims is not known. One well known and well narrated in our religion is the 7-1/2 years of Shani Dasha and one other well quoted in literature is 12 years where it is mentioned that in 12 years certainly the situation changes from bad to good. Now this one is claiming for 10 years. So, from common sense and general idea it is possible that bad times might change to good times in a significant period ranging from 5 to 15 years but then it becomes a statistical forecasting which has no scientific bearing or foundation.
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