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    Memories of my first college club during my college life

    Long back, when I joined a Govt PG college for pursuing my undergraduate course in humanities then in our class there were so many students from different schools in the district and only two from my school so the class looked as entirely a new group of people and it took sometime to know each other and slowly we started to develop a companionship or friendship towards a few of the like minded ones. One girl named Anju who was very friendly and frank mixed with us well and one day proposed that we should go on a picnic to some nearby place on holiday or Sunday and have fun. Many students showed their interest. At that time I was residing in a hill town where so many picturesque places were there to visit and enjoy the beauty of nature. They were ideal for going on a one day outdoor activities like picnic or sight seeing. Ramesh, the tallest boy in the class always took interest in extra curricular activities and was very good in managing the school functions. He one day proposed to us that let us form a Picnic Club and let whoever is interested will become a member of the same and then we would plan picnic and other outdoor activities under that forum. Some students ridiculed the idea as what was there in a picnic and why it required forming a club. Ramesh was always prepared with proper answers to any question and immediately told us that making a club will make it an important campus entity and sometimes we can request the college authorities from the side of the club to get some grant for the educational cum outdoor excursion short outings. Listening this, every one started looking towards Ramesh with interest and attention. At that time most of us were from a humble background and hearing about any aid or help from any quarter was a great thing. When some other students heard about this they were also searching Ramesh to find more details about it.

    Next week, Ramesh and one other boy Sagar came to us and told that they want to form the club by this weekend itself and then start the activities. One girl who lived very near the college and had a big house with a garden in the background offered the place for any meeting or anything of that sort in the matter. Sagar told that they have already seen a small vacant store room near the library where the librarian told them that time being they can assemble there and discuss any thing they like. Later we came to know that Sarita, the daughter of the librarian who was studying in BSc was instrumental in getting that small place temporarily for our meeting activities. Most of the classes for undergraduate courses used to finish by 3:30 PM and next day we assembled there after the last class. There were about 10-12 students including Anju, Ramesh, Sagar, and me. We were all excited about the forming of a club ourselves and decided the name as Shor Valley Picnic Club. The vast valley where this College was located was known as Shor Valley in the local dialect. Sagar wrote in a notebook the name of the club and proposed that we should have a nominal entrance fee for the members. Some students did not like it but finally it was agreed that a small amount of Rs 5 will be taken as a token for that. Anju told that we should have a secretary for the club as usually the clubs had. Everyone laughed loud but we immediately chose Ramesh as the secretary who gladly accepted it.

    Next day, many students came to know about it and a few of them joined the club and within a week our membership grew to 24 which was an impressive number. Ramesh told the Psychology lecturer about this and he suggested that it would be better to make the principal as official patron of this club so that it gets an official status. This was a new twist in the tale as we never thought that a person as big as principal would agree to become the patron for this small endeavour by the students. The lecturer told us that he would arrange a meeting with Principal soon. So, next week he called us and asked 2-3 out of us to accompany him to the Principal's office. Contrary to our expectations, the Principal showed much interest and praised us for creating a constructive campus activity and told that time to time college would also make some help in the outings but it should have some element of educational learning also and he called the lecturer Mr Sharma who was the in charge of the sports of the college to take care of this aspect. We were all thrilled as our club suddenly became the cynosure of the students and then there was a long queue of students to join it.

    During the year we had many ordinary picnics in the nearby places where we even cooked the meals ourselves and really enjoyed the outings and then we also had a few sponsored by the college where some faculty also accompanied us to explain the flora and fauna of the area as well some geological structures strewn across. The club was well known and famous in the student faculty and I remained its member till completion of my PG course in Psychology. After that I left the college but still have memories of that first campus club raising from which we learned a great deal about organising and managing such extra curricular activities in our student lives.

    This is my entry for the contest on college campus club creative writing.
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    Good narration from the author. I was in a junior college, degree college and the university also. We also attended picnics. But I never heard about a picnic club. We used to go for a picnic once a year and our college never supported our picnic. Some of the faculty members used to join us. But some times college was organising some excursions and they were funded partially by the college. The excursion is more like an industrial tour but picnics are completely for enjoyment. The concept of Picnic Club is good and schools and colleges should try to implement.
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    We all have memories of schools and college life and that naturally remain with us for lifelong. When we meet or talk to our old friends who were our class fellows or college fellows then we recollect and repeat incidents about those golden times when we had so many fun activities together and it is always a nostalgic experience to rekindle those memories today at this juncture of life.
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    The author has well narrated the the experience from the first college club which was not only interesting and we have come to know many things through this submission. School life life is connected to childhood habits whereas the college life is full of new youth experience, changed environment and above all freedom being experienced for the first time in life . The fun activities during the college days are numerous and we cannot those friends who are associated with the fun and frolic with us. The concept of picnic club is something a good thought because all studies and no activity would make the college life dull and boring. And those who indulge in picnics and excursions are very memorable and the naughty behavior of some friends during such trips are really great and they have to be believed and enjoyed.
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    The thought of forming a Picnic Club which not only helped students to enjoy but also enriches them with good educational knowledge of places and gives more information about the place of their visit. The narration of the story, the formation, its development, growing membership, naming, conducting the meeting, finding a place for its origin, etc are nicely covered by the writer. Overcoming the first hurdle of criticism from others and them coming up with good answers to outplay others is what makes a group grow and emerge victorious which is nicely told in the story. Nice entry for the contest.
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    College life is an unforgettable experience of one's life and it plays an important role in shaping our personality and future. College life gives us new experiences every day and we know about various things which we did not know before. Many students work hard and enjoy themselves as much as possible during their college days. They hold a different style and outlook during college life, although many of them are more serious about their studies and future life. Indeed, college life will never return, but people cherish all those moments spent in college.
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