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    Move from negativity to positivity...

    In the society where we live, it seems like most people are walking around full of negative energy! Get ready to fight at the slightest! This deviant behavior of people in society is not without reason. Many social, economic, political, and even personal-family background work behind it. At home, outside and from the street to the office, in our neighborhood and society, we find ourselves between such people and the behavior that creates imbalance and discomfort within us. This peculiar behavior of people often makes us sad and disappointed. But instead of allowing such situations to dominate themselves, they can be dealt with complete positivity. These can be overcome with the device of converting negative energy into positivity. Finding ways to build peace in society may be the only option to deal with negativity. By being positive you can transform negativity.
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    By being positive one can transform the negativity is the call given by the author in this thread. But being positive is the biggest task and challenge for many as they are habituated to live and work around the negative thoughts and could not come out of the box of that state even though many opportunities do come on the way. And those who are with negative thoughts do influence the society to the larger extent as the people take the face value of negative thoughts are true and try to behave in such manner. Though we want to change the society for the good, our one step forward may be ridiculed and even sidelined for having taken the task of cleansing the system. One thing is sure the positivity cult must be developed from the childhood and it cannot be inculcated from in between and therefore many fail to change themselves.
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    There are many disparities in society. When we see a person enjoying his life without any hardships and if we are suffering, definitely negativity will crop in our mind. When a student has to roam around with his distinction certificate for a seat in a college for higher studies, finds a classmate who got lesser marks as a student of that class in that college, will definitely get negativity in his mind. The prevailing situation in society is the root cause of this negativity.
    To be positive in a negative atmosphere is a real tough task, it is very difficult to come out of that negativity. A lot of patience and maturity is required for this. We have to always think of positive result and move forward in our lives. Sometimes we may face bad situations. But we should not lose our hope and move forward with positive thinking.

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    We are today living in a tough environment. There are evil and notorious elements hovering here and there around us. They can create a problem for us anytime whenever their vested interests are coinciding with our activities. So we have to be alert and careful from all those negative elements. We have no control on that external situation but we have control on our actions and we should not be carried away in that inferior arena forgetting our individuality. Every individual has a great control on ones actions and reactions for the external aggressions and one has to fight with them with the only weapon that is positive energy within oneself.
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