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    Manusmrithi clearly told that women are to be honored

    Women are honored and respected since decades. To ensure that only we call our country as motherland. We worship women as Parasakthi, Mary, Maryam etc., Evils to women are treated violence since many decades. Manu smrithi clearly told that women should be given respect, share in property and the persons doing evils to women are to be punished severly.
    I read in Manusmrithi:
    ????????? 3-56
    ???? ?????????? ????????? ?????? ???? ????? | ??????????? ? ????????? ??????????? ???? ?????? ||
    Yathra naaryaastu poojyante ramante tatra devataa |
    Yatraitaastu na poojyante sarvaastatra apalaa kriyaa ||
    Where women are respected there God shower His Grace by staying there. Where women not respected or insulted there all good things got ruined.

    ????????? 9-3
    ???? ?????? ?????? ????? ?????? ????? | ???????? ??????? ?????? ? ?????? ????????????? ?????? ||
    Pitaa rakshathi koumaare barthaa rakshathi youvanE |
    Rakshanthi stavirE putraa na stree svaathantaryam arhathi ||
    Women are to be cared like costliest Gems. Women are to be cared by her father in her young age, Husband in her grown age, Sons in her old age. No women got destitute on any time.

    ????????? 3-55
    ?????????? ?????????? ???? ??????? ???????????? | ?????? ????????????? ??? ???????? ??????? ||
    Pitrubhir bhraathrubhir caitai pathibhir devarais tataa |
    poojyaa booshayitavyaascha bahu kalyaanam eepsubhi ||
    A father, brother, husband, in laws should care and respect their house ladies if they want to live well.

    ????????? 3-58
    ????? ???? ?????? ?????? ???????????? | ???? ???????????? ???????? ??????: ||
    jaamayO yaani kEhaani sabandi apratipoojitaa |
    taani krutyaahataaniiva ninachyati samantataha ||
    Where women are treated with abused words and got insulted, that place got spoiled as if totally poisoned.

    ????????? 9-26
    ????????????? ??????? ???????? ????????? | ??????? ???????? ?????? ? ?????????? ?????: ||
    Prajanaartam mahaabaagaa poojaarhaa kruhatiiptaya|
    Striya sreeyachcha kEhEshu na visEshOsti gaccanaha ||
    Women are motherly, pride, light to a family, Mahalakshmi (wealth) to a house and she is to be worshipped.

    ????????? 9-11
    ????????? ??????? ?????? ????? ??? ????????? | ???? ????? ???????????? ? ???????????? ??????? ||

    artasya sangrahE cainaam vyayE chaiva niyOjayEth |
    souche darmE annabhaktyaam ca paariNaahyasya sEkshaNE ||
    Women should be given full liberty in handling Economy, Cleanliness, Sanitation, rituals, food care of a house

    ???????? ?? ?????? ???????? ??????? ??????? ???? |

    Oortvam tu kaalaat Etasmaat vindeta satrusam pathim |
    Once a girl got matured she can select her husband by herself

    ????????? 9- 130
    ????????? ?? ????? ??????? ?????? ??? | ?????? ?????? ???????????? ??? ????? ???? ????? ||
    Yadaivaatmaa tata putra putrENa tuhitaa samaa |
    tasyaam aatmani tishtantyaam kadham anyO danam hareth ||
    Daughters are to be treated equally with sons. When a person has a daughter who else have right on his property

    ????????? 8-28
    ??? ????????? ????? ?????? ??????? ?????????? ? | ?????????? ? ???????? ??????????????? ? ||
    Vacaa aputraasu chaivam syaat rakshaNam nishkulaashu ca |
    Pativrataasu ca streeshu vidavaasvaaturaasu ca ||
    Women who are widow without children, women without any support should be taken care by the Government

    ????????? 8-352
    ??????????????? ??????????? ?????? ?????? | ??????? ?????????? ??????????? ?????????? ||
    paradaaraapimarcEshu pravruththaan nruun maheepathi |
    utvEjana karairtandai cinnayitvaa pravaasayEt |
    Severe punishment should be given to persons who responsible for evils to women and that punishment should be to the level that others should get fear to do such activities.
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    The author should have shared this in the article section because it is connected to women empowerment and giving honors to her and also equal rights in property shares. It is the fact that women are given utmost important in olden days and every daughter in law is considered as the Goddess Lakshmi stepping into the husband's house and that is the reason being so she is asked to put the right feet first and enter with good intention and long standing bonding. And in those days the joint family was in vague and every member was treated with equality and the women took the lead not doing any partiality.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    As the sanskrit part of the manusmriti. I attach herewith the pdf file for the same


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    A very good post from the author.
    Ravana was a scholar. He was a great devotee of Lord Shiva. He was a good ruler. He was a very strong and skilled warrior. He can defeat anybody in the war. He respected his mother. He illtreated Sita. That is the only mistake he did. He lost his kingdom and died in the war. If he treated Sita properly he might have not have lost the kingdom and his name in the history might have been different.
    Karna was a good person. Very skilled warrior. Dedicated his life for friendship. He never said no to anyone. Whatever the guest asked he used to give without saying no. But he talked bad about Draupadi in the Kaurava Sabha and Drapusi cursed him. That has brought his downfall.
    These two are the examples which give us the need of respecting ladies. In a house where a lady is not respected, wealth will not be there, health will not be there and there will not be happiness also.

    always confident

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    I thank author for submitting a post in honour of the women. In our culture there is a tradition of giving respect to the women. We are worshipping Ma Durga and its other forms which is only an indication of our respect to the women fraternity. Women is not only a wife, she is more than that, she is the mother and she is the affectionate sister and these two forms are the most adorable and powerful forms which are given due consideration in our culture.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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