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    Can any government ever thought of planning one job for one family?

    India has been reeling under the unemployment crisis and it is increasing day by day as the new qualifiers across the country are adding to the pool and making it difficult to access. If population figures are to be taken granted each house has four members and if 130 crore is divided by four then 32.5 crore jobs has to be created out of which many are in the job and roughly India needs at least 20 crore jobs to have each person one family having the bread winning capacity but never ever any government thought on this lines and the unemployment remains to be mystery.
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    Unemployment is the biggest problem India is facing these days. But this problem is there from the Day1 of Independent India. As the population of India is increasing unemployment problem is increasing.
    Population control, industrialisation and promotion of self-employment are the answers for this.
    Depending on the government alone for a job is not good. But the government should see that people will have enough money to need their basic needs. But it should not be giving free subsidies or pensions. They should think of creating wealth by encouraging manufacturing and service sectors. The government should also encourage people to become entrepreneurs so that they can provide opportunities for some other people also to earn some money.
    Small businesses should be encouraged and promote them by giving subsidies and other benefits. Then only we will have more chances.

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    One job for one family is a meaningless thought. None of the Governments so far has thought of this and hope they will not be foolish enough to entertain such an idea. Employment does not mean a job provided by the Government. One can employ himself in many other means. The Government has to provide the infrastructure to help the people to have an avenue of generating income to support himself and his family and possibly provide employment to others directly or indirectly. Large scale industrial development is also not good for the environment and the health of the people. There should be a balance between industrialisation and the environment. Cottage industries will help in reducing pollution and reduce the migration of people from rural areas.
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    Surge of population is one of the problems hindering the youths in getting a gainful employment. Again the concept of running of public undertakings has changed drastically unlike the past one when it was the objective of the public sector to provide the opportunities for maximum absorption of the youths but there has been reversal of such trend since 1980. Now the industries are operating on achieving profits from their production. Hence the younger generation has to look around where they can fit themselves to generate income. First of they have to relinquish the idea that certain jobs are inferior such selling vegetables from street to street, serving tea and coffee in the streets etc when they have respected degrees. There are plenty of jobs which can be undertaken if they shed their superiority complex. Transformation in their outlooks is the only solution at present.

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    Then how many jobs have to be added each year because of the rising population graph? Effective measures to control the population has to be initiated and creating opportunities in terms of opening up of avenues is very important. What has to be done, how it will be done and the detailed plan of who will do the tasks is necessary. The government and the opposition always remain busy firing salvos at each other and the development of the country takes a backseat. Add to this is the corrupt practices of the MPs and MLAs. They are so busy with it and we are also so used to it that we are not much bothered until it is highlighted by various organizations.

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    Govt can motivate people by giving a job to one member if there is only one child in the family. That would be a great motivating force. The job would be given normally when the child reaches an age of 20-25 years and then there should not be any younger child in the family. Such a scheme can be launched by the Govt. But it would be not given blindly as the child will have to acquire the minimum educational qualification required for the position. Today because of so many factors unemployment is increasing and no Govt is able to check this trend. Companies are cutting on manpower. Automation is increasing. So, it is difficult for any Govt to create jobs. Only industries and private sectors can create jobs that also if there are conducive business conditions.
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    Govt can create jobs but cannot give to one person in every family. It is not practical and also not possible. People have to compete for jobs. Just like that giving a job will make the people idle and useless because they will be sure to get a job as per this proposition.
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    While our government is not able to manage the Public Sector Units, and trying to handover the Air and Rail and other services to private parties, you are talking about government jobs for families in our country. Even if government thinks, it won't be possible to implement.
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    Many unemployed people wold have thought this earlier. I had thought about this when I was searching jobs and found that in some family all are employed in cosy ( mostly govt) jobs and in some families no one got a good job. This inequality made me think so.

    But now I can say that as far there is o concept of one vote for one family and vote if for individuals, no government, no party and no one, (other than some unemployed person), will think of planning one job for one family.

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