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    Life is farthest journey, so go together

    There may be tiff off, commotions, not agreeing to the point of view and even would not be on talking term for some days, but the husband and wife relations is the give and tame policy and there cannot be rigid rules to follow. Adjustments and compromise should be the way of life as the journey is the farthest and it need to be tackled with caution. The relation between husband and wife will have lasting effect on the children as they cannot digest the often quarrel between the two for petty reasons. Therefore sail together is the best policy.
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    True. Life is the longest journey and to reach the desired destination in life we want a good companion. That companion will be our life partner. A wife and husband will sail together throughout their lives. One partner mag go a little earlier but the other will also follow. So we should always give importance to the relationship and see that it will not break. One should have an adjustable nature. If the wife is angry, the husband should keep mum. If the husband is angry the wide should keep mum. No one should be rigid and always think that he/ she is only correct. Some times her viewpoint may be good and sometimes his viewpoint may be correct. So they should discuss together and come to an understanding. The ultimate is to travel together. Both should keep this in their minds.
    My father and mother complete 65 years of their married life. Even today both of them maintain good harmony among them. That gives them pleasure. We should keep our priorities aside when togetherness is important.

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