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    My article got rejected by editors and I want it deleted from indiastudychannel

    Recently my article about hyperthyroidism got rejected by editors without specifying any particular reason. I don't care about that but that articles was solely written by me according to my own knowledge. Now even after deleting, that article still appears in the search engines. I removed the body and unpublished it. So can any editor remove that permanently so that it will not affect my profile.

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    Musaddiq I do understand that we feel bad when the article gets rejected for many reasons. Though you have written the same with your self knowledge, there are many parameters like good grammar, and above all the article should be useful for the netizens. Once the articles are uploaded the Google index the same and that is the reason being so it appears on the internet. Nevertheless do not get annoyed , churn out some good articles on selective subjects of greater interest to the students and see that all the parameters of posting guidelines are followed in toto But just now I visited your article through the Google index and found the narration that the author might be still working on it and check back later. That means you have the chance to make corrections if any and then reload the same for approval.
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    When I joined ISC, I started writing small articles but they were kept pending for lack of structure, grammar, spellings, and sometimes even the content quality and it took 2-3 revisions and finally they got published and I earned only a few points. Beginning is generally like that. Incidentally, I was writing many recipes at that time. Later as ISC moved totally to educational niche we were told to diversify to educational areas and submit articles accordingly. So we have now started to write on those particular subjects related to admission, exams etc. It was a new area for us but once you start taking part in contests related to educational streams or topics, you get that exposure and surely one can try to write in these subjects only. Some of my articles related to educational topics have fetched me good points. So, I feel we have to change our perspective in line with ISC directives and try to create contents accordingly. I do not know about the acceptance of articles in ISC related to medical field but just sharing my experience here which might be useful in the matter raised in this thread.
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    Syed, firstly, your article was not rejected without assigning any reason as alleged by you. The reason is given as 'against site policy'. So, in all probability, your article must have been wholly or partially copied or must have already been published elsewhere.

    There is no point in feeling frustrated. Please remember that even the best of writers had to face rejections in the initial stages of their career.

    Now that you have removed the content, why do you insist on deleting the article? We will have to check with the Webmasters regarding the possibility. Usually, such deleted articles and other posts are removed by the admin once in a while when they take up cleaning of the data base.

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    Thankyou everyone for the comments but the thing is I did not copy even a single word from anywhere and the editor could have given the link of the source from which he he/she thought the content was copied or reproduced. I am a medical student so I wanted to contribute in that field. But citing the reason 'against the policies' was not satisfying. And, it is not frustration. I was once the editor of (sister site) but due to my studies could not continue. I know the policies and assure you that it was not a copied article nor a reproduced one.


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    Musaddiq I do understand that you are very much perturbed for having rejected the article submitted by you and there seems to contradiction of your submission and editor version. Since you have done as the editor of our sister site, we believe you are posted with rules and regulations of this site and therefore the editor who rejected the particular article need to respond here and clarify the position. Nevertheless, please continue here and contribute the best concerned to the medical fraternity and the contents would be much useful for the netizens too. Your above reply should pacify the editors for a good decision.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Hi Syed,

    Before submitting an article first, you need to check the ISC database and make sure that there are no duplicate posts. In ISC itself there are lots of posts related to thyroid, hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. That was the reason your post got rejected. Duplicate medical articles without a proper disclaimer will be rejected.
    As a medical student, when you submit a medical article it's your responsibility to mention a disclaimer at the end of the post.


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