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    We have to work in kitchen very carefully

    Kitchen is a place where we use many gadgets or small tools for peeling, cutting, cleaning, chopping, cooking, roasting etc and in that process especially when we are in a hurry some minor accidents happen but they are sufficient to decelerate our momentum and our activities are subdued for a day or so. Over and above that, all the family members would scold us as what was the need to hurry and why one should not work with a cool mind. I have observed that with whatever patience one works these things happen time to time as we use sharp knives, cutters, moving blades etc and while working such things can happen though occasionally if not regularly. What is your experience in this regard? Those who work in kitchen for longer times must have experienced such incidents. Please share.
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    I do agree with the author that the kitchen activities must be done with coolness and there should not be hurry or whatsoever. It is generally understood that the kitchen works has to be given time and one cannot expect the urgency of works and that may lead to chaos and even minor skirmishes. The other day my wife was doing some items for the Krishna Ashtami and it is challenging to do deep fry items when the oil is hot. When someone demanded the taste, she was in urgency in doing the things and thus split of boiled oil fell on her hands and gave trying times for some days. Though she also knows nothing can be done with urgency, the way the demand was made and she has to satisfy and thus compromised the take care and thus suffered minor burns.That is why one should be very safe in the kitchen.
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    My bitter experience in kitchen or elsewhere is this. Whenever I take out a knife for cutting vegetables or fruits or anything, I always damage my finger to see the blood oozing out. I do not know why it happens to me. Yesterday, with my left thumb nail, I damaged my right thumb that got hurt. An unexpected war between my thumbs.
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    While doing something in the kitchen, pre planning is essential such as keeping the spices to be used in the vegetables should be forefront, the oil should be within reach and care has to be taken that there is no spillage of oil from the pan. Hence loosing concentration for a moment can be hazardous. Though I enter kitchen casually for cooking purpose but I ensure every item to be used should be within my reach.
    Using knife for cutting vegetables depends upon one's practice and such practice is achievable with the regular practice.

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    Rightly said by the author. While doing kitchen work, we should be very careful. When we enter into the kitchen, our mind should be cool. As I have noticed that if you do any work hurriedly then there is a good chance to the mishap. So, we should not do kitchen work in a hurry. We should not take kitchen work easily. We should keep every item systematic in the kitchen so that we could get the required item easily.

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    Kitchen is a small food processing industry. All the equipment required for the food processing industry will be also available in our kitchen but at a miniature size. The lady in charge of the kitchen is the CEO and manager and everything. She does management as well as shop floor wok also. She knows how to handle this equipment.
    As mentioned by the author We should work in a kitchen very cautiously. There are grinders, there are mixers, there are knives, compressed gas is available, the flame is there, burners are there and chimneys are also there. As long as we work in a kitchen we should work with the presence of mind. Otherwise, there are many chances for accidents to happen. Many times we will have small injuries when we are absent-minded while working in the kitchen.
    The positive quality of ladies is that they never mind having a small injury also but they never want the dish made by them to get spoiled. This is one of the unique characters of the housewives,

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    I have some interest in cooking and also interest in trying out some new recipe ideas and during those sessions I had some minor cuts and burn bruises here and there and I learned great lesson from these incidents and that is the experience that I gained by working in the kitchen and learned that we have to work with most care and alertness. As Dr Rao has rightly mentioned the kitchen is like a small factory where we use all sort of tools and appliances and we must be very careful in handling them. We should not take the kitchen work lightly. A negligent person should not be allowed to work in the kitchen as he would create a havoc for the whole household.
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    The author is right, cooking is very important for everyone to live, but if necessary precautions are not taken, there are many risks. I have been hurt many times when I started the kitchen work, but slowly I came to caution that we should try, you are more likely to get hurt with a knife with a sharp edge than a lower blade. So make sure that the knife edge is correct. Apart from this, turn the handle and the spatula in the right direction of any pan or utensil you are using. This way you will be able to avoid burns from them. Make sure you have the necessary items to hold the gloves and utensils used for the oven. These are some of the small precautions that are required during the work in the kitchen.
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    The author is perfectly right. Kitchen is a place where full attention is to be given. If our attention is distracted it will spoil entire cooking. Besides cooking extra care should be given in keeping things in the kitchen.
    * We should never keep cutters, scissors, knives on the top of refrigerator on any situation. It may fall on our leg at any movement when we open the fridge or erroneously our hand pushes them.
    *Whenever we take out the vessel out of stove after boiling water, we should keep it aside only after washing it in an ordinary water to avoid others can avoid burn injury by taking that as an empty vessel (This was practiced by my wife since decade)
    *We should unplug the mixi chord after finishing the grinding. One house got fire accident as the house lady left for office after leaving the mixi chord in plug itself and lizard move that way it switched on the mixi.

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