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    Being bored can be good for your mind - Do you get bored?

    Being bored or boredom is a term used when we have no activity to do and our mind craves some exciting engagement. But as per the studies by scientists, it is proved that getting bored is good for you. It actually leads to more creativity and productivity.

    My question to members is that. do they really ever get bored? What I see is that there are so many activities, work, and overflow of information that our mind rarely gets to sit idle and get bored. There is hardly a dull moment where I see my mind not engaged in something and getting time to feel bored. Although, the boredom did use to happen in the past when there were no smartphones, vehicles to go anywhere, or malls or places for entertainment, etc.

    What about the members? Do share your thought and experience.
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    When we feel like boring or setting into boredom mode, that means the things are not happening to our likes and wishes and we are not dedicating to the things but doing the things just like that. If we plan the day time wise, surely there cannot be boredom at all because we would be engaged totally and feel that there is no time for the pending work. Mind it even the excessive work of anything would set in the boredom phobia and that is because we have not planned the things properly and the prolonged attitude of any work would goes to the boring mode. One thing is sure, those who are adjustable to time and people and those who adjustable to new places they cannot get the boredom at all because they are already made up their mind as how to be busy with the available task and how to behave with others giving ample time to them.
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    There is some subtle difference between a person feeling bored and a vacant mind. Feeling bored is a negative trait. It shows that you do not have anything to do or you have no inclination to do something. It makes a person uncreative and lazy. At the same time vacant mind is a condition where we intentionally remove all burdens and thoughts from our mind and it is the situation which many spiritual leaders ask us to obtain to pursue peace and tranquility in our lives. A dull person can also have a vacant mind but he may not feel bored. It should be our endeavour to reduce the pangs of boredom as much possible as we can.
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    Getting into boredom is due to many reasons. I have a fashion to go out and eat at least once a month. But due to pandemic, I am not able to do that. So I am feeling bored to eat daily in the house only. Similarly, If I have to do the same work repeatedly, I may feel bored. If I have to do the work in which I have no interest I may feel bored. Like this, there are many reasons for one to get into boredom.
    As mentioned by the author, if we are getting bored in doing the same work, again and again, we may start thinking about how to finish of that work early. Then we will start thinking innovatively and that is good for us in many ways. But we need not wait to get bored to think innovatively. We can always use our mind to find way means to complete the works innovatively.
    But these days I am really getting bored as I am not able to go out and I have to restrict myself inside the four walls of my house. How to overcome this boredom is the biggest question.

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    I think boredom has not much to do with idleness as mentioned at the beginning of this thread. Boredom is associated with a feeling of less interest in any work and there can be a variety of reasons for that. Many of the works we do on a regular basis are repetitive in nature. For example, while going to the workplace many of us follow the same route and same mode of transport almost regularly. Repetitive jobs can give rise to the feeling of boredom and that's why we seek changes. We feel refreshed when we rejoin our place of work after a vacation. This vacation is undoubtedly a type of relaxation from the repetitive nature of work we do regularly. As long as we enjoy the work we do we never feel bored, in many cases, we feel bored whenever we do not like the type of work we do and for that, we need to add some variety to the work. Doing the same job in a different way is one such variety and its also an innovation because then one has to find a different way of doing the same work. In that sense, boredom may help to find a variety in the process of doing a task which is also creativity.

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