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    Your demand should not be a command rather it should request

    Either at home or at the office if we want to get something done to our favor, we must request, instead we do the command as if we are in a position to take the work of others for free. Commanding is not liked by many because it attaches our assertiveness towards others to do the work The forceful way of taking works from others can be turned into polite way of requesting wherein there is humbleness, smoothness and above all a close bonding between the order giver and the order doer. Therefore next time when you want the work done just make a request not with authoritative command.

    This is my entry to tow topic
    Topic based TOW contest for Oct '20 month end- Topic- 'Command'
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    Demanding something may be too aggressive while commanding is the way of getting things when people respect us and obey our commands. Otherwise commanding would not be effective as the person would either ignore or straightforwardly refuse to comply.
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    That is the reason so demanding should be through request and not commanding.
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    Even though we are in a position where we can command and get things done, it is Wh always good to get the things done through a request. If it is a personal favour we have no other way than requesting or praying. But when it comes to official work, why should we request somebody to do the work which he is supposed to do. You do your work and let the other do his work. But sometimes we may have to follow up with somebody to get the tasks completed. In such case, we may remind them that so and so work is to be completed. Demanding is more serious than commanding also, I feel.
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    A nice thread posted by the author, what is common in both commanding and requesting is that in both the situations we are trying to take something from the person in front, it can be anything, some kind of permission or something else. But a small difference turns the request into a command, and that is the difference called humbleness. When a person demands someone with love and respect, then naturally there are more chances of fulfilling his demand. With the changing times of time, no one wants to command himself by others, so in times of circumstances, he should keep his demand so that the demand does not seem to be command but respect.
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    When we talk about command, the only form that gets in our mind is an order that is forced upon by people and we have to follow it or face the consequences. A command is often given by the person of higher authority and they know that we cannot deny it or refuse it but will have to agree and complete it without even being liked. There are people who do refuse or ignore and they are often called as stubborn or egoistic but if we are in their shoe, we would understand that sometimes, saying 'NO' is also important or else we will have to bear the brunt of it in the later stage. A good thought from the writer for the Topic based TOW contest - 'Command.'
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