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    Do you mess up things in the act of urgency?

    Some people are averse to many people visiting the house either as a guest or as a formal visit due to festivals. During their visit they do inquire, see for the new things purchased and also have the habit of knowing many things that were not known earlier. In this process the host gets confused as so many people ask so many questions and she would mess. The result is that she would make the mistake of spilling over the milk, or adding salt instead of sugar to the tea nor boiling the tea for too much period. All these confusions do arise if the mind is not clear.
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    No. I never do that. I take up the work with a lot of planning only. Till today in my life, I have handled many situations and end up with very good positive results. This is possible only when we have clarity in our works and planning. One should know his/her limitations and should work within those limits only. We should not accept many works at a time and attempt them without properly understanding the same.
    I have seen some people doing many works at a time and attempting them with the utmost care and making them success within the stipulated time. They never get into mess with haste. They are successful in their lives and get into many bigger positions. That is their capability.
    But all will not have the same capability. So always assess your capability and accordingly you go ahead. Then there will not be any problem.

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    Working in haste, in hurry, or under urgency always leads to allure in the delivery and affects our performance much. It is always better to work with a calm mind and should not come under the pressure of the relatives or friends who are visiting us anytime or during festival time. We have enough time in hand so why to hurry unnecessarily and spoil the show. Haste is something that we have to avoid in all our actions as it brings misery only to our work and its result if we do it under its spell. The experienced people take their own time in the various activities as they know very well that nothing is going to happen adverse if they take their own time.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Doing any job with a single mind devotion would certainly yield positive results. Hence to begin a work, a thorough planning is required apart from calm mind. Proceeding as per scheduled planning would curtail the scope of confusion. If on the contrary multiple tasks are taken up, there is every possibility of the jobs getting messed up due to diminishing concentration of mind. There are possibilities that the parties for which the task is being done interfere time to time to know the progress of the job and such interference may affect the performance. However, a performer should not be influenced with such stress and he needs to apply his mind how best he can deliver the end result without compromising the output.

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    Haste makes waste. Doing things in haste often creates problems in our mind. Any work that we do in a hurry without thinking properly make a negative impact on our performance. It is important to think properly and act with patience to bring better results in our work.
    Guests are always important and presenting them with all possible better things is hosts obligation, and make guests comfortable. We shouldn't get swayed by emotions and end up doing bizarre things and face embarrassments before guests. Dipping salt instead of sugar happens only due to the urgency and not controlling our emotions. We should avoid doing anything in haste because haste makes waste.

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