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    E-Commerce has proved a blessing in disguise in covid crises for businesses

    Covid 19 has dented the entire financial system across the globe and depreciating the market to an unprecedented point. Covid19 has created huge damage to the economy and companies incurred massive loses. But what was providing a little support to the customers and businesses proved a blessing in disguise in a situation when hand sanitisation is used to prevent the spread of the virus.
    With online shopping and ordering things from the e-commerce platform, the businesses kept running though a slightly slower pace. The automated business inventory or digital transaction have made e-commerce a preferred business for most people across the world. It has tried to maintain a balance in the market. E-commerce -a good-to-have an entity has now become a must-have entity in covid 19 as social distancing is important to stave off the virus from the community.
    Do members also have a similar thought or would like to add more helpful experiences for a better understanding of the topic.
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    Surely when e commerce was first introduced people were criticizing that it would affect the progress and very existence of our nearby stores and they would be closed. But during the covid times the e commerce online shopping was going and flourished like never before as new customers are added and even the elders learned as to how to chose and order the online marketing products. That was the awareness created during these seven months and the e commerce portals made lots of money during this covid period. But big thanks to e commerce portals that they could give and retain the distribution staff who were working risking their lives during pandemic and they are suitably rewarded. It seems India is very much poised to retain the same glory even after the normal situation opens because we have been habituated to online shopping.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Online shopping was always viewed as a big threat to the local markets and shopkeepers whose sales dwindled because of this. Actually there are two main factors for that which affected these shopkeepers, one is the big superstores which give a lot of discounts and lure the customers to them and then second is this online shopping which had added misery to the local Kirana shops. Though some shops joined these online stores as resellers but they are only a few who have knowledge of online transactions and could take the advantage in this area by becoming the early birds in the arena. So online shopping or e-commerce has helped the people enormously in Covid times and there is no second opinion about it but it has effected the business of local shops and corner Kirana stores in our localities to a great extent and it is going to be a job reduction scenario in totality. Anyway in business it always happens as ones gain as ones loss.
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    Yes. It helped a lot in COVID 19 period. When the lockdown is in force and people are not able to move out the online purchases helped us a lot and we are able to sustain. I think there is a big boost to e-commerce during this period. Even in villages also people are able to order for the items online.
    But one more thing I observed during this period, business people in the village helped a lot to the people in their areas by delivering the material at the doorsteps. My father, my mother and my mother's sister stay in a village. They are very old and going to the shops and purchasing material is very difficult for them. But the shop owners helped them by taking the order on the mobile phones and sending the material. My mother sends the requirement by WhatsApp message to the seller and he will send the material to our house and my mother will transfer the money through Google Pay. Ther are managing like this from the last 6 months.
    That way we have our normal life during the pandemic also and we should thank this e-commerce.

    always confident

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    Most of the small time product creators and fashion designers, have gone for e commerce business during the pandemic and earned good money. I know some house hold items were also made and sold through the whats app group and that fetched good return for the small time business people. During the covid pandemic there was much demand for the ayurvedic formulation called Kabasura Kudineer from Chennai and this ghawa or decoction could keep the virus away and also build the immunity and I believe this house hold made product has sold in crores during the pandemic as each house brought these atleast six packets of 100 each. Even I used the product and proved to be better because we never got the cold or cough during the changed season and that proves if the product is good the e- commerce is the best bet.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    During Covid-19 phase which is still continuing, the online shopping has been very useful and helpful for the people specially the senior citizen who are advised not to venture out of their houses. During these past so many months there is a phenomenal rise in the sale of online stores and in fact they were not able to make the deliveries because of lack of manpower that is the delivery boys.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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