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    It is our collective responsibility to protect nature

    Nature is very kind to us and given us all possible amenities for a healthy and peaceful life. It is the humans who have played with the environment in adverse ways and invited troubles of all kind for the whole humanity. Whether we believe in God or some supernatural power or not, nature itself would never pardon us for our blunders that we had done in past. There is still time to awaken and give back to nature in our own subtle ways and replenish the loses by protecting the degradation of environment and contribute through tree planting, proper disposal of garbage, taking care of nature as we take care of our house interiors, conserving the forests and other natural habitat, coexisting with the flora and fauna, and many such measures which is today required to revitalise the nature and environment to its past glory. Isn't it a collective responsibility of all of us? Members may like to opine please.
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    Surely we have the commitment and responsibility to protect nature, nurture it and safeguard it from destruction either through vagaries or through wrong from mankind. There has been huge pressure on the nature to give way for the housing and other needs of the ever growing population . On the one hand the parks and free space are occupied in the name of new development and on the other hand even the water body sources are occupied for human dwellings. The recent floods in Hyderabad has opened the eyes of the planners as to how to prevent encroachment near the water bodies so that nature can give back to us. One thing is sure, nature should be given chance to exist with us otherwise the very existent of our life becomes a questionable mark and who work for the nature convservation are the people to be rewarded.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    This is the only planet where human being exist. We need fresh air, clean water, nutritious food, balanced ecosystem etc for our survival. Preservation of nature is the duty of every human being. When we talk about caring of our nature, literally, we talk about our own future life and generations to come. But we are indifferent towards our responsibilities concerning our nature. We are polluting our air, water, environment. We are wasting our natural resources, disbalancing our ecosystem by killing fauna and wiping out our flora by deforestation. Our concrete jungle is superseding natural forest. We are polluting our air and water. We adultrate our fruits, vegetables and dairy products which is affecting our health. All this is happening for the sake of materialism, just for piling up money. What we are going to give to our future generations- nothing but insecure future.

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    Since nature fulfills every need of man, it is the responsibility of every person to make some efforts on his own behalf to protect nature. In the last few years, several solutions have also been suggested to save nature on the occasion of World Environment Day. But even on such occasions, instead of taking a pledge to do any concrete work, it tries to make the same point by rotating who is ultimately responsible for environmental pollution. We all should know that protecting nature is our religion. There has been a close relationship between humans and nature for centuries. The cleaner the environment around us, the more it will help in the peace of mind and body. Respecting nature is to honor God.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    An interesting thread from our senior member. Yes, nature provides all amenities to humankind. It serves humans just as mother care for her children. So we must be kind to our nature and all the natural resources. We should take care of our water bodies which are a source of water humans and animals. We should protect our green gold that is responsible for bringing rainfall and cleaner air and environment; prevents soil erosion. Nature care humankind like no other entity.
    Any bad step towards nature will cause severe damage to mankind. If we pollute our water bodies, it will hurt people. Similarly, forests are also important to maintain balance in our nature and develops an exotic, beautiful and more vibrant destinations on earth.
    We must preserve and protect our environment for our future generations and any attempt to damage it must be stopped.

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    Our existence on this planet earth because of the availability of natural resources essential for living and we are getting all of them free of cost from nature. Our survival here is due to nature only. If we spoil it, our existence will become a big question mark here. So It is the responsibility of every human being to protect nature.
    The fresh air to breath, water to drink. vegetables and fruits to eat. All these items are from nature only. Absence of any one of these items will make our life doubtful here.
    But the people are thinking that they can create anything and everything. In that process, they are doing many undoings which are spoiling nature. So we all should protect nature. Planting trees and plants, keeping the surroundings clean, not polluting the air and water are some of the actions we all should take up so that nature will extend its support to all of us for our happy and healthy stay on this planet mother earth.

    always confident

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