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    Command and do not demand, respect

    Mahatma Gandhi. Jawaharlal Nehru. Sardar Vallabhai Patel. Lal Bahadur Shastri. Kamaraj. What is common to all of them? They were all Indian leaders. They were leaders who were able to command and not demand respect. Millions would be ready to follow them, at whatever time and for whatever reason. They lived lives that can be emulated by anyone. They were totally honest. They were selfless.

    Cut to 2020. We do not have a single leader who can even be compared to these great leaders. Yes. Not a single one. We have crooks and selfish leaders. We have leaders who do not want to even give a press interview. We have communal leaders who raise issues concerning Dalits and the minorities and play havoc with their lives. Our economy is in shambles only because we do not have a single leader in the mold of any one of the aforesaid leaders.

    Yet, where do you and I go? We need to live a life, particularly based on principles. We need to be selfless and impeachable honest to the maximum extent possible. We should refuse to pay bribes. Yes. we have alternatives. We still have builders where every deal is done only through cheques and also deliver on time, for example. We can buy houses only from such people. We have very honest teachers and Government officials. We should celebrate them. We should emulate them. If we do such simple things, we can Command and not demand. respect from our own family members and our immediate society. The spin-off effect on the wider society will also be good.

    Yes. we should keep it simple and stick to basics. We can and we should do it. Respect should be automatic. It should not be forced. We can then emerge as leaders in our own right.
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    I think we can't command or demand respect. But our conduct will command respect. If we are good, helpful, people will respect you. When you are in powerful position people will pretend before you as if they are respecting you. But the moment we are out of position or power they may stop respecting us if we are not really good.
    A worker of a factory will respect his HR Manager even after the HR Manager leaves the Organisation if he helped the worker community with his noble acts. Same is the case with the political leaders also. Today every one of us will show our respect towards the great leaders like Atal Bihari Vajpayee, NT Rama Rao, APJ Abdul Kalam, PV Narasimha Rao, etc., for their service to the Nation.
    Respect should come from hearts. It should not be restricted only to the lips. We should conduct in such a way that we will command respect from the others. That is always desirable.

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    No doubt Mahatma Gandhi. Jawaharlal Nehru. Sardar Vallabhai Patel, Lal Bahadur Shastri. Kamaraj were tall leaders and their small statement is treated as order or the command. How they could get that stature because they were with the people and understood their need and the problems. In those days the population was less, there was no awareness among the mass, the cult figure was respected and regarded and above all the media presence was minimal and not there. Now a days the social media awareness has created the need for performing leaders and not just leaders. People are no more interested in mere statements but want actions to be done and pursued and in that case the good leaders are missing and those who can sway over the mass with authoritative command are demanding the respect according to me.
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    It is true that we cannot command due to power but cannot demand respect as it needs to come from the heart. It is also true that we, the masses do give respect to people in power or position, not by respect but as they have the power which is the sorry fate of every citizen. I do not say that every leader from the past, present or future are respected due to their good work except some but most of them are respected just because of the position they hold. It is also true that during the old days, the masses could not get information due to lack of technology but now, we do get every detail through various means. The only thing on our part is to verify the correctness of the facts or news and then decide. It is time the people do understand the dirty politics played by the politicians and oppose them for their dirty game which they play whenever the election comes to be in power. We all understand their common topics - Religion, Dalits, LOC/PAK, etc. We are still in the trench of religion that divides us and this needs to be understood by at least the educated lot and oppose that is not right instead of just respecting them for their position.
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    It is a big thing to have the quality of command in any person, but at the same time, there should be humility. Command and humility are qualities that are of the opposite nature, but if they come in one place then the person becomes great. When a person politely commands other people, he is automatically respected. We know that the main purpose of the command is to show the right direction to others so that the common people can be benefited, but if the wrong feeling is hidden in that purpose, then its purpose will not be fulfilled, that means, if you command for respect only and not for others benefits, neither honor is able nor does the value of your command remain as powerful as before.
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    It is very true that respect is to be commanded and not demanded. When people observe that a leader is honest and is engaged in the activities which are in the larger interests of the country then they start respecting the leader. In history this had happened many times. At the same time sometimes by the blind copying of other followers also people start to follow a leader without ascertaining themselves their qualities and performances. That is called mob following and sometimes we confuse it with real respect. There are some notorious elements who provide the followers some benefit and these followers praise this person in public and a mob starts to join them and an apparent respect is created but when such elements are nabbed by the police and the leader is arrested and sent to jail then we realise that we were following a wrong person and there are many such examples of the people who are still inside the jails in India, though they were a great respectable figure if not throughout India then at least in their state or home town. We should be alert from such fictitiously respectful persons.
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