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    Adoption - Giving bright future to orphans.

    Today, child adoption has become a common practice in India and all over the world. Often, people adopt because they are unable to give birth to a child or because they want to give new life and support to an orphaned child who is alone in the world.

    Indian society was not very open to adoption, but now people's views and perceptions have changed on this subject. In India, the adoption process is monitored by the Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA), the nodal body to monitor and regulate the adoption process within the country and abroad. And it is a part of the Ministry of Women and Child Welfare.

    If we can adopt an orphan and give him/her a good life, then we must pay attention to this great work so that along with a young child, we can also help the future of the country.
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    Taking care of orphans is a huge responsibility for society. It is vital to extend a helping hand towards the orphans and look if they are in any kind of need. Or even if they are rich and belong to the well-settled family does not mean that everything could be fine. The feeling of not having parents is painful and it could lead to depression in children and at times, they take extreme steps to end life.
    A bone-chilling incident occurred in my neighbourhood a few days ago. While writing my comment for the active discussion thread I heard a sudden loud crying in my neighbourhood and I pulled back from commenting on the thread: What I found was a shocking suicide by a nine-year-old orphan girl child which devastated us. People left astonished by this incident. What I feel is we are not serious about the orphans and care that they need is lacking somewhere. We need to be more focused on such a problem and help them live a happy life. The primary investigation suggested depression the cause of suicide, unfortunately.

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    Adopting an orphan is a great gesture and such people who adopt the orphans are the real citizens of a society. Today there is a great need for population control and adoption is a big facility in that direction. Even the couples who are able to have offsprings can avoid it and go for adoption. It is a great service to society and nation to give lifelong shelter and support to the orphans.
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    True. Giving support for an Orphan to make a living by our support is the need of the hour. Many rich people in the country spend a lot of money on their only child and help him in comping up in his life. But because of easy money that my child may not come up in the way the parents expect.
    But if we spend a little money on an Orphan. he/she will be happy and try to utilise the money in a proper way and put all efforts to come up in life. That gives us a feeling that because of our help open boy/ girl came up in life. So based on our economical conditions we should try to adopt a child and spend money on that child so that the child will have a happy life.
    Even people who have children can donate money to the NGOs who are taking care of Orphans and see that some Orphans will become educated and come up in their lives.

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    This is a very tricky question to be answered on adoption as I have seen the reality happened to a family who were our tenant. My tenant was from the North and the couple does not have the child for many years after marriage and thus adopted a boy at the age of five. The boy was given best nurturing and care by both adopted parents. But when they visited Hyderabad to be settled here, she consulted doctor and her infertility issue was addressed within few months with some medicines and she could able to conceive. Now that is very goods news for them that a new baby of their own is in offing. After few months the new baby , a boy again was born and the adopted child does not like the new baby and was having grudge on him because he felt insecure about his nurturing and care and therefore started behaving strangely. They have vacated our house and gone back to their home town.
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    Yes the fate of adopted child is not very secured once the couples are under the way of parenthood with the efforts of modern techniques. They eagerly wait for their new babies. Once the delivery takes place, their worlds would be different and they can behave strangely with the adopted child. This will even cause stress within the mind of the adopted child since he does not find the satisfactory solution of the queries raised by him.
    With the passage of time, the family peace will be disturbed with the incoherent behaviour of the child and if such a situation exists it will affect the newly born child even.
    However, with a little common sense and understanding the prevailing situation of home, the couples may adopt matured behaviours and in that way, it could be benificial to both the children in their upcoming times.

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    Adoption is good and is to be welcomed. But to adopt a child, we should be tuned well. We should be financially healthy enough to care the adopted child. Also the chemistry of the adopted parents and the child should be same. I have seen many families where the adopted child ignores the parents after learning that he/she was adopted. Also parents ignore the adopted child after getting their own child.

    Adoption should be carefully decided, planned and executed.

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