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    Travel is no adventure if you don't leave your apprehension behind

    Since the covid 19 has befallen on humanity, it is almost difficult to plan visits to one's preferred and favourite places. But those who love travel look beyond apprehensions to paddle to the exotic, more vibrant and beautiful places to shed off the threat of any kind. Though precautions in the covid situation are important, adventurous people enjoy natural beauty even in this situation.

    What I want to reflect on this thread is those who love travel and adventure, they don't look behind. They always keep doing what they like to do. Travel is an incredible trend nowadays, though covid has hampered this immensely, some adventurous people still do it as their routine activity. Such is their passion and indomitable will for travel.

    I think everyone wants to travel to some near or far off destination for rejuvenating one's soul and mind but the covid crisis has badly affected this industry. I hope for the early and normal restoration of the situation so people can visit their favourite destinations without any restriction and apprehensions.
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    Rightly said by the author that if we have any apprehensions we cannot move out, and if we cannot move out the travel is not possible not only to far off places but also nearby places. There is a fear phobia among the public on many issues as some destinations in India is always surrounded and dogged with security issues and in that case planning travel to those areas are not possible at all. Some adventurist to take risk and travel on their own vehicle without stopping in between and reach the destination, the fear of not having contacted any infections on the way is always lurking in the mind. Natural beauty need to be enjoyed in full tranquility and if any kind of fear would spoil the very essence of enjoyment and therefore many want to postpone their trips to exotic locations as of now and wants to try later when things comes to normal.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    True. People who love travelling will try to manage somehow and plan for their travel. But the adverse conditions that are prevailing due to pandemic many are restricting themselves to their places. I used to travel very frequently there were days I used to be on tour for 15 to 20 days a month. But from the last six months, I restricted my moments. This is due to the adverse conditions due to COVID. Really, this causing irritation to me sometimes.
    But I can't help. Some people may undertake travels now as there are some relaxations and some medicines are there for Corona and survival rate is high.
    I feel Vaccine is the only remedy and restoring normalcy till then is difficult. But some moment has already started. People started short distance trips in their own vehicles and slowly the percentage will increase and shortly we may see the normal situation in tourism industry also.

    always confident

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