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    Successful are those who are happy in life.

    We see many people who will be always worrying. An IAS officer who is well off will be worrying about his next promotion. A cabinet minister in the ministry will be worrying about how to become Cheif Minister. A person with some 200 crores may be worrying about the ways and means to double his money. These people will never be happy irrespective of their good position in their life. Can we say that they are successful in their lives?

    I say 'No". I say a person who is happy in his life is the only successful person. You may be worth crores but if you are not able to enjoy your life what is the use of earning so much? The ultimate aim of our life is to be happy as long as we live and we should see that we will be a source of happiness for others. Then only we can think or say that we are successful in our life.

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    What the author wanted to say is simple that we are not satisfied with what we got, but always eyeing the next level of progress no doubt it is far reaching and not achievable. I have personally seen that many have the feeling to surge forward and does not want a stagnant life. That means a IAS officer at the state level want to try his luck at the central level and a MLA who has done some good to the people would ask the party high command to consider for the MP seat. This proves that there is always tendency within us to develop to other level and does not want to stop where we are. And those who have tasted the power and position do know the relevance and importance of next level power and its advantages. Therefore we cannot see satisfied people in official level, Ministers, and even professionals.
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