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    If the comparison is done with superlative persons then we are always less

    Some times our parents would chide us for not behaving like others in terms of character, conduct in the school and even getting the marks. The comparison is also made with outside persons who are not connected to our life or our profession. We always like the comparison be made with those who are just equivalent or one step ahead of us so that we can achieve the set target. But when we are asked to follow the superlative performers and try their aim and achievement is something asking for too much to which none can abide nor give consent.
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    We should always set our goals in such a way that we can achieve them with a little stretch. This is the best way. Another thing is that comparing our children's performance with other children and feel that our children are useless is also not good. That will demotivate our children. So we should be always realistic. We should assess the capabilities of our children and we should expect accordingly only.
    Some people try to jump much more than their maximum and in that process, they will get their bones broken. Then they can't even walk. So our goals should be such that we will fail and go back to the lowest level. When the height of the steps is less you can easily climb more steps.
    When the goals are shorter even though we slip back catching up again and going forward will become easy for all. So be realistic in your approach always.

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    May be we are not satisfied with our current performance and we need to make some efforts to come at par with others. The realistic way would be to set some targets and should try to achieve the same within the alloted time intervals. While doing so we should not be so much excited thinking that we would surpass even the best performer with our impressive results. In fact, this should not be the goal either. We should follow some yardsticks where the emphasis would be to attain a reasonable goal within a given time frame. This should be a ongoing practice while doing any job. Setting our own goals, reviewing the same periodically and alteration if required should be our priority rather than copying any competitor.

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