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    Can a close friend of our friend be good to us also ?

    Sometimes we accidentally meet out close friends when they are in company of their own close acquaintances and surely exchange of pleasantries takes place. During the discussion with introduction of one another, the new friendship would blossom and it may take of to newer heights or be stagnant where it was. Is that possible for us to sync with friends of those who are close to our friends. Though the wave length of understanding may be same but it takes time to adjust and get acquainted with new face and behavior.
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    Those with basically goodness in them will be good to all. Good people always try to make the other person comfortable. It is such people that others describe as good,great etc.

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    Definitely, it is possible. There are chances for a friend of our friend to become our friend. That all depends on the ideas and the understanding both persons have. If our views and thoughts match we will become friends. Once I met one of my close friends in a restaurant. He was talking to his other friend there. My friend introduced him to me and we chatted for a few minutes and we have become friends. Now we three are good friends and try to meet whenever it is possible.
    Sometimes our ideas may not match with the other person and we can't continue the friendship with him but his friends' mentality matches your mentality. Then you both can become close friends.

    always confident

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