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    Winning is nothing more than rising each time we fall

    Everyone is concerned about winning in life in whatever context it is perceived. Whether it is to get good marks in exam or a good job or a good career or a dream come true or happy married life or a high position in society or anything of that sort, people aspire for them and get a sense of winning in their lives. This is one way of looking at things but many times we fail in our endeavours and we do not reach our goals or do not achieve our targets and feel miserable. It happens with many of us at many instances but we should not get discouraged by them as these setbacks are a part of life and we have to prepare ourselves for our next attempt with renewed vigour and with the experienced earned earlier. That is we have to rise and start our efforts afresh and that is also a form of winning. We have won over our deficiencies and instead of sitting behind depressed and sad we are ready to strike ahead with new energy. What do the members think about this?
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    Some one said that what is there in winning when it happens as it is through which nothing learned but failures are the gateway to future success because we learn from each fall. What I feel that there is always a solution to every problem we face but we fail to gauge the solution aspect and instead go into the mode of failure thought process and that would prevent further action. One of my friend has given me the best lesson on this. That on a failure day celebrate the movement as if something is achieved and that positive mood would pave way for the planning of next attempt and that would be sure success. Failures are the stepping stone for success and those who say that one should not fail and always attain success , he is the fool because the failures would detail you how to handle the next success story for sure.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    There are two types of people in this world. First is who become discouraged by failures and then become depressed and withdraw from the struggle and competition and the second type of people are there who are not affected by these setbacks and after that stand up and fight against the odds. These are the people who finally get success in their endeavours and plans in their lives.
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    Failures will teach us how to be successful. Many attempts we may not give the desired results always. Sometimes the results will be very disappointing. In such situations, if we get distressed and become inactive we will be a loser always. So we should not get disturbed with such failures. No doubt failures will make you feel sorry. But use them as chances for you to improve your capability. Concentrate on the goal and understand where you have gone wrong in your previous attempt. If necessary discuss with people who have some knowledge on the same subject. Then you will understand the mistake you have committed. Then correct the mistake and reattempt the task. You will be successful. That is why our elders said that failures are the stepping stones for success.
    But the happiness you get when you are successful in your first attempt is never the same as the happiness you get when you are successful in the second attempt. So concentrate and be focussed in the first attempt itself so that you need not taste a failure.

    always confident

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