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    Would you tolerate someone hurting your best friend?

    Though many move with us on daily basis and some are very dear to us and we keep on exchanging views and matters and they are considered our close and best friends. And those who are watching our moves closely would certainly have grudge from inside and want to thwart further progress of friendship and thus try to malign our friend in front of us. Though he or she is present or not, we would not tolerate any abuse of our friend. What is your take on this observation. Do you support your friend even when he or she is absent with you?
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    You need to understand both the sides of what has occurred before rushing to defend somebody, friend or otherwise. Who hurt whom and why?
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    Generally, we would not like any adverse remark about our friend and that would be our first reaction to negate it and tell the person not to utter such things. Otherwise also we should not encourage the backbiters. They do a lot of harm to the people by instigating them against their friends. These type of elements are not good for our society and we should discourage their moves.
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    I think this is a negative feeling. Why one should feel jealous of your friendship. He can also become a friend of you. There is no restriction on numbers to become friends.
    Why a person should abuse another person unnecessarily. When he knows that he is abusing a person in presence of a friend of him, he will be more careful. He knows that definitely, these words will reach the other person.
    So we should not conclude that the other person is abusing our friend without any point. We should not be in a hurry to counter him. We should hear the talks of the other person and try to know the facts and when we are sure that the other person is trying to mislead you, then only you should try to defend your friend. That will be the way so that there will not be any controversy. Take a settled way to react to the actions of the other person.

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    If someone is talking against my friend in my presence. I would not react unnecessarily at the first instance. I would make myself ready to hear his entire grievances before arriving at any decision. Rushing to the conclusion without knowing the entire episode may not provide the true revealation of the other side. May be there are certain things which I may not have discovered but the same is known to him. However, any adverse comments from the other party needs to be verified from other sources as well. In that way, the final picture would emerge .

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    At times, it could be a truth or lie about our friends. In such cases, we need to analyze and understand the friends by finding out the truth. A best friend also can commit mistake or misbehave. All are not perfect in this world. There could be circumstances that changes the character of a person.
    There is nothing to react at the first instance. Listen with patience, find out the truth and act accordingly.

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