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    Let us demolish this "somehow" culture of Indian youth

    Social media and the internet have taught Indian youth too many good things. But the same things have also taught them all the bad and unhealthy things. A couple of weeks ago, I was stumped by one mother who explained that her twenty-year-old son, now just into the second year of college, was "somehow" interested in getting married to his classmate, who not only belonged to a different community but was extremely rich. She complained that the boy was so much distracted and did not attend the online classes at all. His father tried to discipline him but has failed.

    He is not alone. The "somehow" culture, is a big menace. Statements like "I somehow want to become very rich", "I somehow want one crore rupees in ten years" are so common. Parents have a crucial role in explaining that there is no free lunch anywhere in society. Every young man needs a good education and a good job. Only after he has settled down should he even think of marriage. And positively not at the age of twenty, when he is just a student.

    Whether it is love or making money or getting married, everything should be earned. No girl can be forced to fall in love. The ridiculous ways in which this is often shown in the movies should never ever be copied. Every single day, every human being has to do his or her role. Everything depends on hard work. And dedication. And sincerity and commitment. Nothing else will work.

    It is high time that we, collectively do a lot about demolishing this "somehow" culture of Indian youth.
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    Life is not running after the imaginary things and demand anything and everything you like. Life is being practical, disciplined and hardworking. If one wants to achieve success, set goals to achieve them with proper planning. Any impractical thing creates a problem not only for a person but for his family too.
    What is shown in the movies is not always practical and based on fiction far away from reality. So, our youth should never be drenched in any impractical and imaginary thing.
    One can't become a millionaire within days. It needs huge hard work to become rich. Any big achievement needs immense hard work with proper planning to achieve the target. Getting lured to someone rich does mean he/ she is fine for you. In certain cases, youth lack rationality and end up making the wrong decisions.
    Proper guidance to children could make a better impact and develop a better understanding.

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    The word somehow does not necessarily indicate something negative. It also is a symbol of hope, of not giving up. We often say, "Somehow or the other, I will achieve it." There is the determination to complete a task, fulfil a responsibility, revive a relationship.

    In the scenario you have described, the eagerness to get married may be a hasty decission but not necessarily something as bad as the way you are trying to portray it as. We should also not be judgemental about youth who marry early even if they are still studying. It is up the boy and girl to decide on their life. True, perhaps they need proper guidance and may be advised to defer marriage till they have a definite career and are financially stable, but ultimately they are adults, free to make their own decision. The 'settling down' concept has become such an old, tired cliche. On the one hand only when one gets married one is considered to have settled down; on the other hand it is not considered advisable to marry till one has settled down in a job, no matter that job-hopping is the norm and a 'settled' career is lacking.

    Stop constantly targetting youth as always doing something bad and change this attitude, somehow.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    The word somehow does not necessarily indicate something negative but it does include negative things also. This topic brings to my mind one TV programme a few years back in which the participants are students from prestigious colleges in India. They discussed many things about achieving success in their chosen field. On one thing the majority of them are of one voice and it is about corruption. They said they don't mind bribing people who matter to get their work done and achieve success. Only after achieving success, they said, they will think of eradicating corruption. They wanted to taste success somehow or other including bribing others. This attitude in the youth to achieve success, somehow or other should be discouraged.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    Somehow doing work will never say that they will adopt bad ways only. I have decided a goal and I thought I can reach that goal easily. But sometimes our expectations may go wrong and the task may become difficult. But as we have taken it as a goal, we will feel that somehow we should complete the task. That means we are ready to take additional risks and burdens to complete that work. Not necessarily that we want to do it by taking short cuts.
    Marriage is something which is to be decided by the persons who are involved in it. If the girl is not liking you, thinking that somehow you should marry her is not a good practice. Her consent is very important. Forcing her to accept the proposal is not correct. There somehow concept is not good. If you can convince her with fair practices that are different. But forcing her, threatening her etc. are not fair practices. Very frequently we use this somehow concept and need not be considered as bad always.

    always confident

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    The some how phenomenon was well explained by the author. Given the situation the parents are bound to listen to children demand and they some how get convinced because they does not want to lose the child for any wrong or stopping from their side. The children are good as long as they are under the parental guidelines and their watchful eyes and once the student goes to the college, they feel they are grown up and well placed to take the decisions on their own including the life partner. Intermediate is not the right age to get into love and thinking marriage and still far way to go to get the career shaped and this adolescent age is taking the toll of many youth who do fall in love with the opposite sex and I am against the parents who are not keeping their children well informed about the love marriage and its eventual failure in the future.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The author is correct. The mentality of 'somehow' makes one to do anything. While telling also many used to tell as, 'I don't know, somehow you have to finish this". This 'somehow' induce one to go on the another way. I am worrying that many parents of today are very careless on their children by thinking that they are over smart. They are spoiling their children by giving false freedom. They spoil their own children by thinking that they are revenging others. They need not follow their children or keep track on their daily movements etc., instead if the parents casually spend some time with their children by talking freely, the children will break out the matter if any thing they hide themselves and the parents lovely approach and speech, they can change their wrong intention or approach. Otherwise it is equal to break into pieces. I saw one mother and father scolding their small daughter for every action, the child took mobile phone and talk to her friends and other relatives by standing outside of the house.

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