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    Command your skills and get all your material demands fulfilled.

    Jack of all trades, master of none. This statement is all that sets the difference between success and failure. If you do not have command over your skills or trade then don't expect success to kiss your feet.

    Go after excellence, then success is just a milestone, is what will make all the difference in one's life, and having all the material demands fulfilled is just a matter of time. One must skill himself/herself in the field or profession one is working that he/she commands complete mastery over it and if one is of such attitude then the secrets of that field open up unto him/her.

    We run after material resources or migrate to other countries which are economically better than ours. Instead, one should skill himself to such an extent that he commands that skill which no one else does anywhere in the World. If we do so, all the material success will be at our demand and not at the mercy of luck or destiny.

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    It is true that one must have command over one's work and tasks and then only one can progress or rise in one's career. Command means to have expertise in one's work and conclude it satisfactorily in spite of problems or hindrances experienced.
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    Nice thought. Be master in your work by acquiring the skills and command them to work for you when there is a need. You will be a professional and success will search you. You need not go after success. This is the secret of having a fruitful career.
    Some people work like machines and never use their brains so that the output will be more within the same period of time. When we are in a profession, there will be many people at our level and all will be doing similar work. To become the best among the equals one should obtain the skills required and use them to solve the problems you encounter during performing your skills. Then you will be the best among equals and you will have fair chances to get into the next level.

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    Good thought emanated from the author's mind and that connected to the tow topic well and it is the fact that we are not commanding our skills at the right pitch and at the right place thereby denying ourselves the best chance through which we can create wonder. Since the skills what we own is not imported or copied from others, there is always room for improvement and polish it further to suit the requirement of the time and thus no one can snatch the chances from us. But the problem is the lethargic and go slow attitude in many of us who does not want to get exposed with our hidden skill because we feel that others have already posses such skills and we are no where near them and this phobia has to be removed and pave way for qualitative approach so that success is for guarantee, Once again wishes to the author for this observation.
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    It is absolutely true, one should always give himself commands for his skill development because skill development is an infinite process that goes on throughout life. Regardless of the area or position you want, the company or any organization always wants something different from you. Many companies today give more priority to such people, who can give something new to the company during their tenure. For this, some companies also run training programs, so that the employees of the company can learn which skills and knowledge can be used better. If you have a good idea to take the company forward, then you can tell the company about it. Today there is a demand for people with constructive suggestions in every field, so it is very important to keep yourself fit in your profession by adding something to your skills.
    Swati Sharma

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    Today Indian workers are liked all over the world because of their sincerity and their desire to learn new skills and perform in the best possible manner. That is the advantage they have got in the world market today. Anyone who wants to make a bright career must increase ones skill levels and also acquire newer skills to cope up with the new technologies being inducted in the industry day by day in a fast pace. It is not easy to cope up with the technological advances until one does a lot of hard work and concentrate in the learning of newer and newer things.
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    It is very true that if we master the skill in our work then we will be in demand and need not approach anywhere as we will get good opportunities from everywhere. I too believe in luck and fate as many times, we are very skilful but due to some missing element, we miss the best. It is not that you lack knowledge or skill as said earlier, you are the best in the lot and can solve any problem but if you are not able to present, you may have some issues with others which can be a problem. When we are at peak, we get everything easily but if the wind flows in the opposite direction, even the most successful person can face failure. As said, if you are good in your work, no one can replace you unless you opt for it and that is the place you hold but you need the luck to reach the top.
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    As far as Indian workforce is concerned, majority of them are honest, sincere and dedicated. They have struggled a lot while learning jobs and their constant urge to excel well has made them proficient in their jobs. But all are not motivated to this level, majority of the force does not show motivation. They are engaged in the routine jobs and even after the exposure of long time.they don't possess the requisite set skill so as to treat them skilled workers. They remain under stress most of the times due to family burden and hence they cannot go beyond to the points where their skills are refined.
    Analytical approach and understanding the intricacies of the jobs are the two basic ingredients for attaining success. Of late, this aspect is known to many workers and now they are striving hard to attain perfection in their jobs.

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