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    The best way to continuously increase knowledge is to share it with others.

    As long as you keep knowledge in a box, it will be of no use. Giving knowledge to someone without any selfishness is the simplest path, just we continued on this path. Knowledge is always going to work. There is never less than sharing knowledge.

    Many people believe that by sharing their knowledge with others, they will increase competition for themselves and thinking that such people keep their knowledge to themselves.

    We know that today, not everyone has the value of your knowledge, but if someone has come to you with the hope that you can benefit or help the person in front of your knowledge and experience, then you will help him. Must do The more and more the knowledge is distributed, the more it will be stored in your life, you can try and see.

    Members, you also have great knowledge and experiences, and I am sure you have shared your knowledge with others and helped them and yourself too. Please share your experience with this.
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    Many people keep their knowhow and knowledge within themselves may be due to the fear of losing in professional life but this is not a good thing to do so. It is said that knowledge and learnings increase when you share them with others.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    The more you care, the more you share knowledge with others. Knowledge sharing is a sacred cause. You enlighten a person by sharing your knowledge, it enlightens you and increases your knowledge.

    Sharing knowledge is like a flower spreading fragrance to people and refreshing their mind and soul. It is an amazing thing to share knowledge and help others. Sharing knowledge gives you confidence and sparks the wisdom of people you share it.

    One who shares knowledge always get respect and is looked as a respectable personality. And always be ready to help others who seek guidance from you.

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    Sharing of knowledge is always better for both. By sharing the knowledge you have with some others, your knowledge base will increase. Wealth will become less as you spend it. But knowledge will increase as you spend it. Knowledge is one wealth which can't be stolen by anybody else. When you share your knowledge with any other person, he may come out with one or two good points and those points will be added to your knowledge. So one should never hesitate to share his knowledge with others.
    It is not correct to think competition increases if we share our knowledge. There are many ways for anybody to get knowledge. They can read books or they can speak to somebody else and they may know what we don't also. SO if you are not sharing you are losing the chance of getting additional information. No thieve can snatch away your knowledge and it will be there with you forever.

    always confident

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    Nobody knows everything. There are many things which we do not know but very youngsters know that. We my set aside some information as not necessary but that may be important to us sometimes. When we share something only we can share with others.
    Besides this, there are persons who do not care on others' information and they keep their attention if they says something. Similarly many people do not share their normal happenings in office/workplace/school with husband or wife. They need not share the office secrets but general information / happenings they could tell as the husband or wife can understand his or her problems in outside.
    A person known to me used to not telling anything to his wife. One day he suddenly met with an accident and died on the spot. His wife do not know anything about his deposits, insurance anything. Only by generous step one of his colleague took steps for getting insured amount as he casually knows about his insurance.

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    Rightly said by the author, the more we share, the more we get into understanding of new ideas as to how to convey the next sharing. And we can also have the habit of having contacts with the elders who are always experienced and the educated and with their knowledge and wisdom they would convey their best lessons of life and that can be well utilized because those lessons are time tested. For that reason we can even learn from the small children because they are developing with their daily progress to which we are not accustomed to their way of life. This way when we share the knowledge with others, new information would trickle in and that is disseminated in different way. In fact our members are also well versed to share the knowledge either through their personal experience and through the sources.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Sharing ones knowledge with others is the only way to sharpen it further and make it more robust in that process. One might be thinking that one knows a thing perfectly and need not to share with others but to the surprise of many when he shares it one day with others he finds that there is a big fault in his understanding. So to avoid such disasters it is recommended to share ones knowledge with others as much as possible and who knows in the process the person who is sharing is benefited much in getting himself corrected and making refined statements after the interaction. When we share with others we actually update ourselves in the matter.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Knowledge is only wealth which increases when it is shared by others. Knowledge is like an ocean. Nobody can know every field. If one thinks that one knows everything then it is wrong thinking. As per my view, you can get knowledge from the illiterate person also. You know when I started gardening, had no know knowledge about it. I gained plant-related much knowledge from the gardener. Here, the best example of ISC which is especially for knowledge sharing. We all are getting benefit from it. So, knowledge sharing has been beneficial for every people. We should try to share as much as possible.

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