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    Will society and we ever be able to give children the world of their dreams?

    In most cases, we put the government in the forefront, it is the easiest, what can be an easier way to escape from our responsibilities, but when we talk about child development we should see how the atmosphere is for the children in our own homes as well. Their overall development is also being ensured at home.

    Have we succeeded in making the world worthy of children? We have made all the claims, made all the announcements, signed agreements, but failed to fulfill the rights of the children in a holistic manner, so, despite all the stringent laws in the country, children are in wages, child marriages, etc. There are situations of crime, which bring a terrible face to us, not only at the level of the government, even our family, neighborhood, society, such a face is exposed, seeing us It is surprising.

    Everyone wants to make their children a good person, but are we able to be worthy of our children. Children Imagined a very beautiful world in their dreams but are we giving them such a foundation on which they can build the building of their dreams?
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    A good thought in deed. As a citizen it is our duty to bring up our children with good traits and also should inculcate good habits in them. Children have tender mind and they dream so much but to achieve those dreams we have to help them in all the matters till they become independent.
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    True. I don't know how far we are successful in giving our children what they dream. But we can make them study and help them and give them all whatever is required. But we can't eat for them or we can't go write the examination for them. They should also try from their side in the best way possible.
    But our elders handed over is beautiful mother earth with fresh air, good water to drink and all type of trees which will fetch you fresh vegetables and fruits. It is our responsibility to hand over the same in the same to our next generation. We are all failing in this while we attempt to make our child's dreams to become real. Here we have to correct ourselves and we should see that we will not spoil the atmosphere and we will not abuse the mother earth. Otherwise, we will be failing in our responsibilities.

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    Surely each parent is committed to their children and they know the importance of giving good nurturing , good education, creating conducive living atmosphere so that the child gets into education mode without any distraction or damages. Though the atrocities on children are on the rise among the poor and the under privileged sector, but a alert campaign from some organizations are preventing the child marriage, demanding nourished food to the children and above all the child labor menace is put under check and many state govts are against children used for asking alms.
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    Many children of present days are longing for love and affection. Keep aside the parents are busy in their schedules, having no time to spare for the children etc., I have seen in many houses the children coming from school (not now) were sitting in the entrance of the house by writing homework etc., till the father or mother arrives. Who is there to care them for giving a tea or snacks? Many parents are living isolated without any relatives in the guess of privacy but the children are become victim for their well being. I saw in a house a child run into the kitchen to show her mark card from her school, her mother asked her to keep on table that she would see later as she is busy with kitchen work after her office work. Later when the father comes from his office, a child run towards him by taking its marks card. But father showed his hand to stop the child as it is as he felt tired from his office work. The face of the child got withered.
    I have seen in another house, father is a diabetic, he took only oats porridge in the morning. Mother also adjusted herself with the porridge. They left their only daughter without any breakfast but ask her to take the porridge. The girl refused as it is not liked by her. But the mother told to everybody that the child is not taking breakfast and very adamant as if she prepared something for her. By seeing this I got pain in myself by thinking my mother, my mother used to prepare some tiffin for us, when we were children, though my father did not take anything in the morning and went to office before our school times.
    Showing love and care on children is priority for a better future for them.

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