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    The more you take care of things

    Things in life will last long. You'll just have to take care of them. Nourish it, learn to grow and learn at the same time. I just read this article and thread about discipline and taking care of things. I then remembered my grandad and grandma, they've been together for almost 60 years. So I asked my grandad, what's the secret? Then he looked at me and said, "Loving and accepting of an imperfect person. If you take good care of things the more they'll last". I overall agree with him, it was pretty heartwarming.

    Let me know what you feel about this.
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    We learn many things from our elders. They are the experienced and wise people from whom we can get many ideas and quotes to get inspired and motivated. My mother always told that we should not ignore or insult anyone as all are God's disciples. She is no more in this world but I remember her words still ringing in my ears. She had a great experience of running a big family in spite of hardship and that is why she had such a big experience of life.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    The author has rightly said that the more the relationship or things will be taken care of, the longer they will exist. Relationships are very delicate. On the one hand, life is given so much for the relationship of someone so strong. On the one hand, the chunk of the relationship breaks on a small matter of something so weak. A person needs to know the true importance of relationships in life. They need to understand that they should understand their own mind before pursuing any relationship. Relationships in the world are very beautiful. Such as parents, spouses, siblings, lovers, neighbors, relatives, friends, etc. The person who keeps all these properly knows that he is happy and this relationship also becomes his strength. Because it is because of these relationships that he learns to trust himself and makes himself strong in an inner way. Therefore, it is very important to keep the relationship always balanced.
    Swati Sharma

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    Author has highlighted a relevant issue. No relationship can sustain until and unless it's accepted by both partners that nobody is perfect. Both of them might have shortcomings pertaining to their relationship. It's very much relevant to a married couple. Each of them should overlook the shortcomings of his/her partner. It will stop separation of couples and frequent incidents of divorce. Better understanding between them is indispensable on how much tolerant they're to each other. This quality keeps their relationship going on and on and keeps it intact unless inevitable hour of death separate them.

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    True. If we take care of our relations they will be more close to you and definitely will take care of you when some requirement arises.
    The wife and husband relation is for a lifetime. It is not for a day or two. So we have to trust each other and we should have faith in each of us. We should have an understanding and adjustable nature. Then the relationship becomes stronger and we will never think that we two are separate. Then that relation will be there throughout life.
    When your partner is shouting on you, keep silent and once she/he cools down to bring out your point of view very smoothly and slowly. In such case the atmosphere will become smooth and your partner will repent for shouting on you. Both of the pair should behave complementarily to each other. That will make the pair made for each other.

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    Very true. I do agree with the author's view. Definitely, whether things or relationship, the more you care, it will exist for long period. So, everything needs to take care of. There is a lot of requirement for maintaining good relationship such as love, affection, respect, care, discipline, kind, pardon etc. If we will keep all this, only then we would be capable of maintaining a good relationship. Otherwise, the relationship couldn't be maintained.
    Nobody is perfect in this world. Everybody has good as well as bad qualities. We should try to see the positive quality of human being for a good relationship. Husband and wife relationship is very delicate. In this relation, both partners need to ignore the shortcoming of each other. Then the relationship gets stronger with spending time. So, it is much needed to take care of each other with love and affection.

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    The author is right. 'Kutram paarkil sutram illai' is the Tamil term which means the relationship does not exist if we find fault on them. We have to adjust with the situation and with relations. The relationship is not come to one by his effort. It is reached one automatically when the right time comes. A father or mother cannot be created by us. No children is coming to one on its own as we see many married couples are longing for children. Everybody acts according to their knowledge only and not by anything. we have to accommodate with them. Even in married life if the couple themselves lives with understanding, give and take policy etc., their married life lost long for many years. When we love others we never see his or her faults.

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