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    Fallen Soldier (Reply to an old thread)

    A big salute to your lost comrade. Hope he is for sure in a good place now. A lot of people don't know what soldiers go through, even before deployed into battle. Right at the very start where you have to leave your family behind and serving our country. Is there an award given to him?
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    UtagawaAki, you need not refer to old threads and bring up the points as new threads. You may raise a totally fresh thread on any topic that you feel like, provided they are not against the guidelines or policies of this site.

    Take this thread for instance. One cannot make the head or tail out of it. Please read and understand our comprehensive guide to new members and also go through all the threads and articles to which a link has been provided therein. Get acquainted with the requirements of this site first and then start contributing.

    You have already been advised in this regard by our ME in this thread.

    Neither post responses to old threads nor post such responses as new threads. In case of any doubt about submitting contents, you may post a thread asking for clarification and we will guide you.

    'The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step'.
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