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    Reply to a closed thread (Movie remake from one language to another)

    Personally I think that there's nothing wrong with it. It could bring out a new set of fans or make an even bigger fanbase. However it can be a hit or a miss sometimes. There's a lot of films that are their own masterpiece while others are needed to be revived and be shown to the new school.

    That's the same with audio It can be a hit or miss for the most part. Unlike re-makes of past films.
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    Welcome to ISC. When you are raising a thread to express your views to an old thread, please give a link to the earlier thread and no need to put in the title 'reply to a closed thread'. In giving the link, members will be aware about the earlier discussion and not repeat their own views while discussing it further in reacting to your opinion.

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    The hit-or-miss aspect would likely depend on the perspective of the viewers. For example, I enjoyed the film Dhrishyam in Hindi, then I saw the original Malayalam film with subtitles. For me, the Hindi remake was better, while for those who told me to watch the Malayalam film, that was the far better one. Similarly, Tumhari Sulu was simply superb, but I found the Tamil remake titled Kaatrin Mozhi mediocre and slow, except for a few commendable dialogues. Others, though, did find the Tamil remake very good. So maybe it depends on language preference. Perhaps, too, when you have watched one version of it, when watching another version of it, in your mind you are comparing the scenes to the ones in the first one. So this may affect your opinion of it by ranking it lower.
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    The basic idea behind the movie remake is to save time on story and take advantage of the fact that the movie was popular in that language and now it would also click in this one also. So it is entirely a business decision and there is nothing wrong in it. The viewer sometimes can have a choice to judge which was the better the original or remake if the viewer and opportunity to see both of them. Most of the people see the movies only in their language and do not like even the dubbed one or subtitled one as they lose interest in the picture with that type of aid to the viewer and this is the reason that most of us are not able to differentiate betws the two. In fact we enjoy it as an original one only.
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