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    The similar incident is realized differently

    It is wonder to see a similar incident is viewed differently by us. When our bike incurred an expenditure for a breakdown, we took normally. When our watch fallen or our mobile or our computer fail to work, we took normally and ready to get repaired through service personnel. But at the same time, if we lost mobile or pen or even simple item our mind get panic and the loss is in our mind for many days.
    Yesterday a small boy who came to our house to see Navratri Golu, took a mobile phone of my brother's daughter, which was kept in charge. Immediately after his leaving, we realized that and tracked his house but we could not catch the boy. When we return home, my house owner who entered the house told that his bike made an expense of Rs. 2500 all of sudden. Later after two hours, we got information from the boy's house and got back the mobile without sim as the boy took and throw the sim. Till that hour our mind was in a rest.
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    Two issues are different. When we are using an item some breakdowns may come and we may have to get it repaired. Even human beings also suffer from diseases and go to the doctor for getting cured. But losing is different. What we purchased with our hard-earned money will be wasted if we lose an item. We have to go to a new one and we have to spend money on that.
    Oneday while going to Pune while I am getting into the train my mobile was stolen. I couldn't trace it back and I have purchased a new mobile which cost me some money. I felt bad. But the new cell also after using for some time some repair came. I got it repaired and used it for some more time.
    Repairs are common and for all equipment, some times the necessity of repair will come. But losing is not common and very rarely it happens and that is why we feel more sorrow if we lose our items.

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    You are talking about two different things. One is repair and the other is loss. Repair is normal and bearable. Loss is abnormal and unbearable. Repair is reusable and loss is permanent. For repairs, recovery is sure, but for loss recovery is not sure. For repairs we don't worry, but for loss we worry a lot.

    Just think about a person getting admitted into a hospital and walking out after treatment, and the same person returning home in a mortury van. What would be our feeling then?

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    Actually we feel even when there are repairs because nowadays repairs are also not cheap. The days have gone when we got repairs for pennies. Now everything costs money. Component level repair is not there and everyone tells remove this card or change this big assembly so often we are concerned even for the repairs. What to say of loss of an item. That is definitely shocking.
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