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    We should never spill our words on any situation

    While talking to others or handling situations, we should never spill our words hurting others. Many people I am seeing spilling words harshly to others without thinking the effect of such utterance. The person on whom such words given will suffer mentally as anything. Many people I am seeing hurting other for having no children etc., These such words will last till her death though it has been spill casually.
    I read one story in this connection. An old man who spend his lifetime by sitting idle in the house comments badly on his neighbor man who is working as a casual driver and he go for work as and when he receive calls. The old man spread a news that that casual driver is going and coming in odd hours and he might be go for stealing something. It got spread and police also took him for some other case on suspicion. This affect badly for this driver's job also. He took this matter to court. A learned Judge called both. On enquiry, the old man accepted his sayings and asked for apology but told Judge he was not understanding how his words affected him badly. The judge asked the old man to write his sayings about the man, in a paper. He did so. Read judge asked the old man to tear off the paper into bits and put outside. He did so and come inside. He told the Judge whether he can go out, then. Judge accepted but asked him to bring the paper bits he thrown outside. He accepted and gone but collected some bits of the same what he thrown. He told Judge the same. Judge told him,'Dear you cannot able to collect the paper bits what you yourself thrown outside. Now when you go to collect back you cannot get back fully as they spread out, similar to that you cannot collect back your words you spill out.'
    Similar situations we everybody facing daily. We spill our words badly when we blacked our mind. and it is meaningless when we feel later for that.
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    Very nice story portrayed by the author connecting piece of papers to the spill of words that go harsh on others life and may even cause untold damages. Some have the bad habit of towing the moves and activities of others and keep on saying bad words about them and even abuse them for no reason. it is better to have control over the tongue as these days the awareness on cases and courts are too much and even small discomfort would lead to cases galore and seniors has to mend their ways. One thing is sure if the younger generation could understand the behavior of the elders and seniors there can be broader good behavior between them. But that cannot be possible as the restless youth and over caring elders are always at the loggerheads and that turns out to be tricky situation of taking the issues to the court of law.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Slip of the tongue is always bad. It will hurt the feelings and sentiments of others badly. So one should mind their words always. As far as possible we should use good words and should behave politely. Once you slip a word you can't take it back. You may feel sorry and for excuse also, the other person will never forget the word you used against him. If we beat a person he may feel the pain for some time after that the pain will vanish and if you abuse with him with bad words, he will never forget the words you used.
    When somebody talks bad about and uses bad words about you, you will get hurt. Same is the case with others also. The words that are exchanged between Kauravas and Pandavas when they are in their childhood only developed enmity between them and grow big as they grow big. So please use good words and speak softly so that no one will get annoyed with your behaviour and words.

    always confident

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