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    What message does getting full marks in NEET convey?

    In the recently declared NEET exam, two students got 720 marks out of 720. NEET is assumed to be one of the toughest examinations in the country but still students got full marks. What message does getting full marks in NEET convey? Are our teachers not able set tough question papers or the students have acquired complete knowledge in the subjects? Or objective type questions in NEET provide some luck also?
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    We can draw many conclusions from the two students who got excellent full marks in the NEET exams and the reasons may be , they got into the niche of the questions being asked in that exam and they have been well trained and tutored by the coaching at the home and the college. I have watched many students getting into practice test questions and almost scored the full. The same might have continued by these two candidates and proved to be beneficial to them. There are famous colleges who impart the best coaching for this exam and they keep conducting tests every week and thus the habit of improving over every test has been guaranteed and guided and through this the students who are intelligent enough could grasp the basics of the NEET exams and thus cracked with full rank marks and I appreciate their efforts and created a record.
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    Getting full marks in the entrance examination definitely speaks about the level of knowledge those two students got. We can't say that it is luck. Without hard work and good attempt, you can't get 100% in any examination. If you are not sure of the answer you may do some guesswork. That may give your correct answer or wrong answer. If you score 95% with your knowledge, the remaining 5% may be due to luck. But 100% can't be by luck. If the question paper is very easy why only 2 students should get 100%. In our intermediate and SSC examination, we are seeing many students scoring 100% even in language subjects also. Here we can say the papers are easy or as per the expectations of the teachers and students.
    These days we are seeing many children with very good understanding and maturity. They are able to grasp the subject very fast than many other children. These two guys maybe like that. Their level of understanding may be very high. They might have worked hard with a lot of concentration and focus. We need not underestimate the capability of the students also.

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