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    Be straight forward in conveying your views

    Whenever we want to convey our views it must be straight forward right from the heart without mincing any words which could create a problem of understanding. Some wants the detailing when we convey the message or the views, some may understand the total issue within seconds, and some may does not understand at all even after giving so much detailing. If we could convince the most among the people then we have done the justice. But again many complaint about us that we are not getting them properly informed and they still hope for further information.
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    There are two aspects here. Conveying our views straight so that there will not be any confusion in the minds of others. Sometimes we may have to be a little diplomatic so that the other person will get the message about what we want to give even though we are not straight forward.
    Sometimes when you point out some issues straight to the others, they may not take it in the right spirit and may get mislead. That will create cohesion between us. So we should be very diplomatic and see that he will not get hurt but we are successful in conveying what we want.
    If the message is to educate the other person, we should go to the level of the other person and try to explain him in a better way so that he will get the education. But if we go on delivering a lecture in your own style, the student will not digest anything and your attempt will be futile. That is why teaching requires a lot of patience and many skills. It is not an easy task.

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    Yes, our messages should be precise and clear so that there is no room of ambiguity to the people for whom it is meant. In that the very purpose of sending message would be fruitful. Any confusion relating to the language can mislead the people and the tasks to be performed on the basis of the message would get delayed due to multiple queries by the end user taking additional timing to resolve the issues.
    However, if it relates to any personal suggestion to any of friends or relatives, being straightforward would not be that much effective and such communications would be counterproductive and even may lead to breaking up the personal relations. In such cases, we need to be a little bit courteous applying indirect language so that the bitterness of language is somewhat diluted but the content is understandable to the end party.

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    Articulating your thoughts straight forward without creating ambiguity while talking to others is great quality. This will help people understand the crux of the message without getting confused. Otherwise, people at times use a diplomatic language to convey a different meaning to what they say and indirectly send the wrong signal to exacerbate the situation. Such an approach is disheartening for the people in which a person inflicts pain indirectly taking jibes at others.
    A straight forward person would never do such a bad thing. He will always speak the right thing at the right time with the right purpose. A straight forward person never creates confusion but always tries to simplify things for everyone.
    Instead of being diplomatic, it is better, to be honest, and straight forward. And convey your message without any problem and ambiguity.

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    Very few people are gifted with the quality of talking clearly and precisely. It is a great quality, no doubt, to convey our intentions, ideas, orders, thoughts to others so that they get the meaning correctly and then respond in an appropriate manner. It is believed that confident and knowledgeable people generally have a strong hold in this arena and they direct the people very clearly for doing the task or advise the correct course of action in the matter. Confusions arise because of lack of information or carelessness. When our mind is somewhere else and we are telling someone for something we would never be able to be precise in our expressions. Preciseness requires focus of our mind and concentration in that communication that we are making with someone.
    Knowledge is power.

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