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    Yesterday's glory may not assure you a better tomorrow

    Many say live in present. That is always true. You might have performed very well yesterday and you might have received rewards and awards to you. That performance gave you the position what you are today. But continuing in the same position or climbing the ladder up will depend on what you do today. Always telling about what you have done yesterday may not assure you a better future. So be working and polishing your axe by acquiring needed new skills and plan for a better tomorrow. Today what you are doing will only decide what you will be tomorrow. Keep this in mind and progress in your life.
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    Very nice and inspiring post by the author. I fully agree that each day is different and it has its own account. There is no carry forward of the glories from the past to this day and we have to perform well today itself if we want to survive and compete in this tough world. Every day there is a sunrise and every day there is a sunset and we have ample time to show our worth by showing the output of that particular day only which will be considered for our efficiency and effectiveness. That is the reason why a person should remain alert and attentive every day in his job.
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    Rightly said by the author. One famous saying"live for today". Many people believe that If the present is good then the future would be automatic better. You can't believe in the past. It is wrong to say that if the past is glorious then the future would be bright. I have noticed many happenings in life where past was bright but future became dark. Life is full of challenges. To compete the life, People need to work hard continuously for getting success in life. Every day is a new day for a fresh start. We should use our present time for better future.

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    In our life the word yesterday is the past tense and it will not come again and that implied what ever achieved and rewarded yesterday cannot be carried forward as the basis for today as new persons who were nearer to win yesterday and missed the chance would now try vigorously to outsmart our performance and thus we may also lose again. What I feel that we should not be always winners because we have already tasted the success of being in top and let the others who are at the striking rate be given chance. That does not mean that we should go slow and sulk in our performance, we may try to give cushion to nearby achievers who are almost reached the top slot and now ready to be recognized. Surely such broad minded within us would keep us near the heart of the people and they would certainly love our traits.
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