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    Kindlly tell me something about this site

    Hey everyone, this is Rupam Nath. I am a student from Assam with an aim to improve my writing skills. I am weak in this field. Kindly help me out.

    Rupam Nath
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    Rupam, warm welcome to the ISC family and if you have desire to learn creative writing or simply writing then I am very happy in telling you that you have come to a correct place to achieve your aspirations. This site is a very unique site in the sense that even a novice can join here and is turned soon in a diamond. You would believe me when you stay here for long and reap the real benefits of this site. Please try to go to help sections and read about the policies of this site and slowly you would be able to contribute here and learn the art of writing. Right now you have asked this query in the forum section where members post some contemporary or knowledge material and discuss it. So go through some of these forum discussions and you will find out how to do it. Then go through other sections like article section, Ask Experts section etc and see how members are contributing there. For you, it will take some time to reach that level but remember, we all have come through that route only. So nothing to shy of and just try your writings everywhere and in this site there are editors who will always guide you in the correct path by mentioning your mistakes in your submissions and that is happening with us also even after so much experience here and we all take it as a usual thing. All that is done is to improve us only. For every contribution you will earn some points and later after a few months you might also start earning some cash points and it all depends on how much good efforts you can put in it. The atmosphere is very cordial here and I wish you all the best in your journey in this portal.

    One word of caution is that this is a highly moderated site and copy paste or anything of that sort is not permitted here and members doing that are easily caught. So contribute everything in your own writing however primitive it might be and slowly you will learn everything and would fulfil your dream. All the best.

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    Welcome to ISC. ISC is a reputed educational portal in the web world. It has three Webmasters, one Managing Editor and tons of editors and lakhs of members. This is an active site where you can contribute, learn and earn. Kindly go through all the instructions and guidelines, especially the FAQs to understand the working of ISC. All are not good at English, but by working in ISC, we can develop our writing skills. Never hesitate to post your queries and doubt in the forum section. All Editors and Members will be kind enough to guide you on the right path. Wish you all the best, Rupam.

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    Rupam Nath, warm welcome to this site and we are grateful to have a new member from North eastern state which gives me immense pleasure because through you we would be well informed and known about the happenings in your Asom state. As you want to improve your writing skill, this is the right platform and this forum is the right place where in you can share information, respond to other members posts, and thus start your writing spree in the right direction and while doing so you are going to start your earnings in a decent way from this site. Knowledge obtaining should be the trait of your mind and this site gives you immense chance to explore the new way of interaction, group discussions and above all you will churned out to be the best content writer of future. All you should do is to follow the rules and be here regularly.
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    Rupam, a warm welcome to ISC! Since you are a student and want to improve your writing skills, I must say that you have made the right decision by joining this educational platform. Before you begin your journey here, I would advise you to read and understand the points mentioned in the comprehensive guide for new members and also open and read all the links to different relevant threads and articles that have been provided therein. It is always better to acquaint yourself with the requirements of this site so that you begin by committing lesser mistakes. It would also be of help to you if you can go through a few of the contents posted in different sections. It would be better if you start by posting responses to a few newer threads and then move on to posting threads and gradually spread your wings on other sections as well.

    Since you have made it clear that you want to improve your writing skills, we hope you will show the interest and put in efforts too to achieve your aim. Please feel free to raise any doubts you have about this site as a thread and we all will only be glad to help you out. Follow the guidelines as well as points that are put across to you by editors and senior members and I am sure you will benefit by your association with this site. There may be initial hiccups but you need to be determined and consistent so that you improve your language as well as writing skills. We hope we will have a long time association.

    Wish you all the best!

    'Knowledge is knowing what to say. Wisdom is knowing when to say it.' -Anonymous

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    Welcome Rupam to this amazing platform. Here you'll find ways to channelize your creative juices to the maximum. As already advised by our fellow members write consistently, stay relevant participate in discussions on the forum and write good articles apart from posting jobs, internships etc. Hope to see you around mate.


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    Glad to know you have a goal, Rupam and hope you achieve it with some help from this amazing site. Wishing you a warm welcome and do start right here, at the forum. Raise some interesting topics for discussion and interact with others through other forum threads. It is suggested to check out all the red-pinned threads at the top of the forum, as such threads are not only related to policies and guidelines of our site, but from time to time you will see interesting contests that will, other than motivating you to win a prize, also help to develop writing skills.

    A few useful resources to develop writing skills are-
    1. Help Topic on Content
    2. Learn English section
    3. Good Article Writing Tips

    Enjoy your learning and experience with us!

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    Welcome, Rupam Nath. This is a great site for learning and at the same time to earn reasonably. Already the members of the site gave the details about this channel. I think by reading these posts you will get a fair idea about the site. In addition to that, when you have some time try to go through the following links also.
    You can go through the following links to understand more about the site.
    1. Sectionwise FAQs and Guidelines
    2. A comprehensive guide for new members.
    3.mportant changes to ISC - We are switching to a true Academic Portal * REVISED *
    Read also help topics so that you will get a fair idea about the site. I wish you all the best.

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    Welcome to this educational portal and there are many opportunities here to learn as well as earn of course in a later time frame. If you have interest in discussions on contemporary or other general issues, the forum is the best place and you will find always some activity going on there. If you have interest in learning as how to write articles then article section is the best place for that and I would suggest you to go through some of them to have idea about their level and standard so that one can accordingly prepare ones articles on any subject though ISC prefers articles on educational matters. Then there are many other sections which require some sort of expertise and practice to contribute but as well said practice makes a man perfect one can learn that in due course of time. The most interesting thing that I liked here is a large number of contests which are there one by one coming our ways and we can participate in them and they are the real ones where one learns so many things. One has to prepare well for that as many members compete in those contests. So, the key to work successfully in this site is to work hard and stay here for a long time. All the best for your creative journey in this portal.
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