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    How about having a piece of land in the heaven of our country- Kashmir

    Owning a piece of land or property is the long standing dream of many and we are working on that direction always. And now the chance has come to own a land in the heaven of this great country, the Kashmir. Amidst nature beauty, lovely mountain ranges, ridges, water falls, lakes and snow kissing our body, surely we would be interested to invest in the new union territory which is now opened the real estate business for the outsiders for the first time in independent India. If I have the spare money surely want to own a land there in future. What about you?
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    Mohan, you have asked a very sensitive question and I will say very simply and plainly that we are not so far able in rehabilitating the Kashmiri Pandits who were ousted from that place decades ago, then how can we think of settling ourselves there. This is a very serious issue and so far there is no solution in sight. The abolition of the article 370 was a step in that direction but the thing is that until the existing population of the Kashmir comes in the main stream and the shade of terror there is eradicated completely, we cannot hope for the proposition put forward by you. If we recollect Kashmir was the paradise for the tourists and that earned a big revenue for the state. Most of our movies were shot in those locales. The politics of create hate and earn votes ruined that state and it will take a lot of time in bringing back it to its old glory that also provided the citizens of that state understand and cooperate with the central Govt whoever be in power and running the country. Though the running of a country is thought to be the responsibility of the Govt in power but I strongly believe that the citizens also are equally responsible and without their involvement and participation nothing is going to change.
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    Umesh I do agree that the past was bitter but those issues should not stumbling block for the Kashmir which need to be developed fast.
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    There seems to be no dearth of unrealistic and imaginative thoughts and ideas! To even imagine that Kashmir is back to its lost glory and peace has returned to the valley just because Article 370 has been abolished and the State has been restructured is more or less like imagining a flight taking off without a runway. As Umesh has rightly said, let the Kashmiri Pundits who had to flee the region return to their homes, let them settle down in their homes peacefully, let the present populace have a settled and normal day to day life, let things get back to normal and let the vicious long hands of the terrorist be cut off first. We can think of owning a piece of land in the 'Paradise on Earth' later. Abolition of Art 370 was, like most of the decisions of the present regime at the centre, an action in haste taken without sufficient groundwork and without considering (or intentionally overlooking)the ground realities.
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    Though the abolition of article 370 is a great step towards the normalisation of peace in that region. This will restore the confidence of outsiders and they may take steps to buy a piece of land in the Kashmir region. But such a promise seems to be a distant reality. We have seen the flight of Kashmiri Pandits because of the prevailing unrest and this has cost them dearly both in terms of their investments and their securities.
    Abolition of srticle 370 is a welcome step but the situation in that region is not likely to improve so easily. This may take time of its own. Even an investment of outsiders is not safe since the attitudes of residents in that region is not known to us. May be some goondas will be active to create the disturbance further and who knows the forthcoming developments. Till the environment is secured let us forget the lust and beauty of the Kashmiri valley.

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    While we are struggling to get a piece of land in our own states, how can we think of buying land in Kashmir? It is not wise to buy land in Kashmir now. There are many better places in India than the troubled Kashmir. Enjoyment in life cannot be permanent. In fact, we do not know how Kashmiris are suffering in their own land. It is a troubled state. We may visit Kashmir and enjoy natural beauty, but not to stay permanently by spending our hard-earned money. There are many such places in the south where we can enjoy life. Ooty, Kodaikanal are the best places for the southerners to enjoy. Every southern state has its own beautiful locations to enjoy life. People from Punjab, Haryana, HP being the neighboring states, can think of investing money in Kashmir.
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    I think it is too early to think of having a piece of land in Kashmir. There is no doubt that Kashmir is the heaven of our country and a very beautiful place. We feel very happy to visit that place and enjoy natural beauty. The abolition of Article 370 is a great step to bring normalcy there. But still, normalcy has not come, I feel. People belonging that place are also still not completely coming on to the roads, I heard. So It is better to wait for some more time, even though we are interested to take some land.
    Maybe some real estate business people may show some interest. But for a normal person staying in the South to take some land, there may not be very useful. We may not be able to visit regularly there as a lot of expenses are involved in travelling. If we want to invest in the land it is better to invest near our normal place of stay so that we can take care of the property as we stay near the place.

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