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    Why do some people avoid work and even if they do, they do it under severe compulsions?

    There are different types of people when it comes to doing some work and delivering the results. Some are self motivated and perform without any problem while there are some who are required to be motivated and inspired and once they get the message, they also start working and deliver the goods. But there is one other category which do not yield to these measures and are to be forced to work by either threatening them or banging them that if they do not work they might lose the job and other such fears are to be created in their minds. After that only they will reluctantly start working and will find some fault or excuse in the system and start complaining or start making some troubles for the management. Have you come across such people during your workplace or during your service period? How to tackle these people? Is there any solution?
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    As regards work is concerned, there are three kinds of people. The first one are those who do their work in time and also find spare time to help others and these are the prime workers of any organization and they are most regarded and respected by the management. The second set of people are the workers who have the ability to complete the work but would dodge their responsibility by knowing fully well that if they complete the work, they would be given additional works to take on. These kind of workers can be tamed with warnings now and then. And the last set of people are those who are lethargic, not concerned and lazy towards their work and they also disturb others who are sincerely doing their duties. These are very dangerous as the organization would suffer loss of man days and they are likely to be shunted out sooner or later.
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    There are three types of people as told by #713392. The three are defined as camphor, coal and plantain skin. First type of people will do the work instantly by hearing as the camphor got fire immediately on one touch. The second type people we have to get the work done with many attempts like the fire will get in a coal with multiple attempts. The third type people from whom we cannot extract any work as fire will not do anything on a plantain skin. The third type of people filled with laziness. It is very difficult to get work done through such people and we should avoid such people.

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    True. Some people like to spend time without any activity. They may be lazy or they may not be having an interest in doing that work. Such people try to spend time gossiping with the other employees. Mainly we used to see this in some shop floor workers in our industry. They used to complete the work and sit freely. The turn our of work was very less. Then we decided the minimum production levels in each shift and made it compulsory that minimum production (norm) should be there in every shift. This has become a part of the wage agreement. If they produce more than the norm, they will get production incentive and if the production is less than the norm., wages will be paid proportionately. Then onwards the production levels increased and people started earning incentives.
    In higher cader, if an employee is not active and not performing in the desired levels, he may lose the job also. This will happen in any private industry. So generally, people will perform to the required level.

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    Some people will be like that only. They will not budge from their place and just stare at you if you give them some order. It is unbelievable that some people can be lazy to that extent. I do not know it is laziness or neglectful attitude for one's duties and responsibilities. It is said that in Govt sector many such people are there who are getting their salaries without doing any appreciable work. I cannot imagine this to happen in private sector.
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