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    Why don't we care for others?

    In our daily life, we are dependent on many people. In the early morning, we depend on the milkman, newspaper boy and so on. We need the help of a tailor, bus driver, auto driver, husband/wife, father/mother etc as per the situation but on no account we are caring for others from our side. We are concentrating only on us and want to get our work done but are not at all concerned about others.

    Many of us do not pay enough attention to a person who is standing at our house door. We do not put off or control the volume of television or radio when we talk to others either in person or over the phone. We do not care whether the other person is busy with something else or is talking over the phone and keep on enquiring something from him.

    I get to see many people like this in different situations but do not understand why such people do not care about others.

    {Author may please take note of the corrections made.}
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    We are all social beings. We can't live alone in this world. We require some people with us to have a peaceful and pleasant life. You may be very rich and you may be eating the food ina gold plate. Even that Gold plate requires support to stand. Some people think that to get support from others is their birthright. But they never think they have to support others.
    Mutual help and mutual support only make the relations strong. If it is always one-sided, the relations will not go long. We should understand this fact and conduct ourselves accordingly. Understanding the feelings of others and trying to accommodate their conveniences also is a good way of maintaining good relations.
    Asking unnecessary details from others, not showing our concern for the needs of others and ignoring others are bad traits. We should not adopt such bad practices.

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    The world is functioning on the reciprocal basis and your expense is my gain and my advantage is your disadvantage. If we are being benefited from some, we are losing through others and this way the world order is going on and there is no second thought about it. And thinking of helping those who helped us, it is beyond reach of many as we are surviving with hand to mouth existence and there is no extra amount to reach out to others. If Milk vendors, saloon, and auto wallahs are giving us the service, we are paying their due amount to which they are eligible and their ends the matter. But I do agree that sometimes those who are very poor and cannot cope up need to be helped. A single mother who was having two child and lost the teachers job was looked after many by the society members and her daily needs are addressed.
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    I think basic etiquette require that we should have concern and place for others and their feelings. What the author has highlighted can be tackled well if people just behave properly and use good manners in our interactions with others. Even in our houses, we must cultivate good manners in our children so that if a guest or serviceman visits our house they should treat him politely and with respect.
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