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    How you are paying your bill for LPG cylinders?

    Usually we register the LPG cylinder through our mobile number. When the agent comes for replacement of the cylinder we pay the bill. Normally, the agent will take some excess amount as a tip for bringing the cylinder. In Amazon pay for gas cylinders, if we enter our registered mobile number with the gas company, the exact amount of the LPG it will show and we can pay it online. We can safely avoid Covid problem and change problem. The other thing is Amazon giving Rs.50 cashback as return every month. Members, what are you doing in this particular issue.
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    But in our area the cylinder carrying person demands additional amount according to places. If it is ground floor, one rate and different rate for second and third floors. If there is no lift the story is different. If we refuse to pay once, they just keep the cylinder out of the entrance and just went away after collecting money. Though there is some alternative method of paying the cylinder bill also through 'bitley', the additional amount we have to give to the cylinder carrying person. ours is ground floor only, we used to pay a rounded amount of the bill they bring and ask the man to keep the balance for him.

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    We book online but pay cash when the cylinder is delivered. Sometimes we will pay online. But we have to pay a tip to the person who is delivering the gas cylinder. This month he asked for Dasara Gift and I have paid him some extra money towards the same. He will bring the cylinder inside and carry the empty one on his own. If we won't pay the tip he will keep the cylinder near the gate. We have to carry the empty cylinder till that point and hand over him. Then we have to carry the full cylinder inside. When ladies were only there in the house, it will be difficult for them to do that. So we pay the tip and get the extra work done by him. Some people may not pay the tip. They will go near the vehicle and hand over the empty cylinder and collect the full cylinder.
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    Just now I booked the gas cylinder refil and the amount mentioned was 646 rupees which can be paid through IOC portal. We are in the first floor and the gas company is in the entrance of our colony and the manager and the delivery boy knows about our where about and moving and bring the cylinder when we are available at home. For this service we are duty bound to give 10 rupee extra as service charge to the boy. But if we pay through the Amazon app then the relation between the dealer and us would be cut and we may not see each other for future needs. Better we continue the present way.
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    We have recently started paying online through online banking. We have to keep a record of that payment and date so that we can tell it to the delivery person if he has a doubt about it. By paying it online there is no hassle of change and other problems which we usually faced earlier. The delivery person also showed his inability to return the change. Online payment has been very helpful to that extent.
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    Today I came across the news that when the LPG cylinder is delivered by the company's agent, you have to provide the OTP to him otherwise you will not get the cylinder. There is now a common booking number as well for Indane refills, namely 7718955555. This new system is effective from 1st November 2020 and applies across India.


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    Exactly as Vandana Madam has indicated the details how the gas booking will be effected from 1st November. The mobile no indicated by the madam seems to be common irrespective of the place and the cylinder would be delivered on revelation of OTP once booking of the cylinder through this mobile no is effected. Payment procedure will remain the same as usual. Booking through online can be done but ensure that you are paying some cash as demanded by the delivery boy so as to avoid the unnecessary harassment in case of refusal from your side. Refusal of tips to the delivery boy would make the delivery troublesome especially when the male members are not available. For ladies, collection of refilled cylinder and delivery of empty system would be trouble some.

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    Though the option to pay online is there, till now we are paying it through cash only. Paying tips to the delivery-man is the unwritten rule though I think earlier it was mentioned in the delivery slip not to pay any tips to the delivery-man. We all pay tips because of the heavy work they do by lifting the gas cylinders from one place to another. One important information is shared here by Vandana Ma'am in her reply about the common all-India number for booking of LPG refill. The DAC system, where the DAC is sent to the registered mobile number is already in use in my area for the past two months and I think it is a security measure to deliver cylinders to the eligible customers.

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    We usually check for availability over phone and pay by swiping the debit card. Sometimes in urgency we get the door delivery, as suggested we have to pay Rs.50- 60/- extra on the actual bill. Change can never be expected it is mostly round figures in terms of fifty or hundred. Cash payments are most regular in our area. Most customers are comfortable to pay cash and collect the cyclinder from the godown itself.
    I too have faced the problem of paying more to collect the cyclinder at door step while my husband was out of station. They have learnt to make a lot of money with this difference as in an agency we can estimate a minimum of 1000 to 2500 connection holders. The minimum of difference of Rs.2 or Rs.4/- also makes a good lot of amount. The important aspect is they also skip from giving the bill.

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    The question is - do all family members have a mobile phone? What if a family has one single mobile phone and that is with the member who is not at home when the gas cylinder comes? There may be no way to provide the OTP to the person in the house (let's say there is no landline phone in the house) if the OTP has not been sent well beforehand.
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    I have a piped gas connection. Since it is metered, a bill is raised periodically according to the gas consumed. I receive the bill on my mobile and in my mail. I pay it online using debit card.

    Before lockdown, a meter reader used to come to take the readings. During lockdown, the gas company (IGL) installed a chip on the meter, so now the reader does not have to come to my place to take the reading. It is done through the chip installed on the meter.

    Since the gas bill is paid online, there is no hassle of paying extra than what has been consumed.

    Does anybody else have a piped gas connection?

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    I used to pay my all bills online only And for LPG cylinder i pay bill amount online as the payment link generated by IOCL. We used to give tip to the guy who come deliver cylinder separately. And as the point raised by Vandana Ma'am of OTP and single mobile phone at a home will definitely a big problem. But I think normally people have two mobile phone if a landline is not there in the home. Further, delivery boy also have there phones, they may call to the person for OTP in that case.

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    Till this day I am paying cooking LPG cylinder bill by ready cash on delivery. I get the details of cash memo in my mobile. We confirm from the delivery man when he will be coming. Then before he comes we keep ready the exact amount of bill in cash. We are staying in first floor. So I give Rs 50/- as tip to bring the cylinder to my doorstep at first floor. This I gave separately after handing over the exact amount bill.

    Even if we pay online in advance we may have to pay the tips for 'smooth and timely' delivery. This is practical day to day experience. Because, cylinder does not come delivered online on our mobile.It has to be brought physically by a person. If not tipped, he will simply record" door found locked' etc and harass you. Some couriers were doing so, and I had to experience return of one or two consignments like that.

    I am not aware of the Amazon cash back. But general experience about cashbacks is that after first time or one or two time they all stop.

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    Things will be more systematic and transparent in piped gas and situation a mentioned by Gypsy in post #714051.

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