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    Beware of many cheaters arises through mobiles

    I received a phone call from a reputed Nationaised bank as the caller identified himself as Manager of the Branch. He told his name as 'so and so'. He asked me to tell my credit card number for verification. I believed him as he mentioned himself by name and nationalised bank, so I told the card number. Subsequently he asked me the valid period and cvv number. I got alerted myself and told him that I was on the road for some shopping and did not have the card with me at that time. He then told me if I am not furnishing the card would be terminated. I did not worry on his statement but told to do whatever he could do. Immediately I called the Branch of that Bank and asked for manager. When he came on line first I introduced myslef and I asked his name. This name was tallying with what that person told me. I explained the discussion made with that person earlier. Manager immediately told me that no phone call would be made from bank on any communication and if any details required they would send sms to the registered phone number to visit the branch.
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    It is always better to use the "Call back procedure". Whenever we receive such calls, after noting down the particulars of the person and the place from where they are calling, we should politely tell them that we would call back and contact the concerned branch and the person. Drop the phone. Then find out the phone number of the concerned bank and contact the manager concerned to inform the details of the call.
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    These days many such things are happening. We should be very careful. We should not share the CVV number to anybody. Even there is no necessity for us to tell this number to the Manager of the concerned bank also.
    Whenever such call comes we should restrain from giving the details to them.
    Once my Brother received a call from him and asked the details and he gave as he was in a hurry to go somewhere. The culprits used the details and spent Rs.30.000/- on purchases. My brother when he got a message about the transaction, he got alerted and immediately asked them to stop payment. So the transaction was not complete and he could save the money and there was no loss. But sometimes we may lose money also. So don't give the details to anybody and you should not tell OTPs also to anybody.

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    Such caller always tries to lure the common people and get access to the bank accounts and steal hard-earned money. These cheaters claim as banking official from one's bank and for 16 digit account no, then password and CVV to get access into public accounts.
    We should always bear in mind that banks never ask you bank details of our account on phone. Always stay alert from such cheaters who steal your money.
    Those who face such a situation should register a complaint with the cybercrime and seek help from them in case anything bad happens with people. We earn money after a huge hard work but we can't allow cheaters and fraudsters to access our banking details. So, always be alert. Stay alert stay safe!

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    The online cheating and wrong doers are on prowl and they gather our bank information and contacts from inside bank staff and they try to convince for some personal loans or any other favor and by getting the credit card number and cvv they would get away with the cash and flew. Once I had a discussion on the same matter with my SBI branch manager who happens to meet the public on every 15th to address their grievance or problems if any. He told the gathering that no bank staff ever interested in our credit card number which is very much visible to them on the system itself and it is the handiwork of wrong doers who want to fool the gullible public. Even Hyderabad police has been warning the public not to give any details of their credit card or ATM card number and report the same to police for immediate arrest.
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    Fraudesters are really smart to detect the gullible customers of the banks with their impressive tones posing the managers of the banks and taking the innocent customer into their confidence they would extract the entire details to siphon their moneys. They are not aware of the banking procedures and they are the most vulnerable customers being cheated with the oily toung of the fraudesters. Though we have seen some massages appearing in our mobile phones regarding such frauds but still it has not percolated to the entire customers. Such campaigns should be continued till the entire customers are aware of the banking procedure.

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    The fraudster might be having a friend in banks to get the details of the customers holding account in that branch. They get the correct name with initials and their account number. When we hear the name with the bank account number, we might think it as genuine call.

    Never get lured by such accurate information and give away your own details. In no case, the CVV number should be revealed. Never answer the questions like What is your DOB. What is your Mother's name etc. Try to cut off the telephone. No bank will contact any account holder to get such details for favour or for any verification. Avoid telephonic conversation on bank account details.

    Kindly inform this to all your family members, relatives and friends. Whenever you meet them alert them with such information.

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    One day I got a call from a person who told me that he was talking from Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and they were doing a random test of the debit cards that people are holding and checking for them for safety and security and will tell if any thing wrong is there with the card and then they would tell the code to protect it. He also told that this is a hidden project of RBI and I should not disclose it in public as pubic might become panicky hearing all these safety and security things and then he asked me to share the details with him. I asked him could he tell me from which office he was talking and the location of it. He told that it was a secret and he cannot tell. Then I asked him his name and RBI employee identity number. That also he told is a secret. So I asked him why don't he come for a cup of tea to my place so that we could do it in utmost secrecy. Hearing this he disconnected the phone.
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    Many cheats are there hovering here and there and contacting the gullible people on mobile phone and many people are falling in that trap and losing money. Police has a cyber unit also at many places where generally complaints against such crimes are lodged but they are also not able to nab these culprits because these people generally use some fake and false identity and use different SIM cards in their phone for different work.
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