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    What is your good and bitter experience of returning stores bought online?

    Most of us have resorted to online shopping now. Anything and everything can be ordered online without going to the market or shopping malls. Though good, it is not good that we cannot ensure the quality of the items wrapped in the box or packets. We come to know only after opening the pack. There are likely chances to get wrong items/mismatch sizes/damaged etc. In such cases, we need to return the item and get it replaced or amount refunded.

    As an online shopper, have you any good or bitter experience in getting the item replaced or in getting the amount refunded?

    Recently, I ordered for a Mobile flip cover for my LAVA A67. Its size is 14.4 x 7 CM. Whereas the item supplied was small 13 x 6 CM. It was a perfect mismatch. My mobile doesn't fit in. I requested the shopping agent to refund the amount to my bank account. I am waiting for the agent to pick up the item back from my home and refund the amount.
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    Before the pandemic was started I ordered for a phone charge bank through flipkart and on getting the piece after 14 days of order I actually wanted to return the same as the very purpose of ordering the same was defeated however on opening the piece it was different one and not the real one which I ordered, I immediately called the same representative and handed over him the parcel back. But Flipkart has taken two months to settle my refund which had to be adjusted with other products. What I feel that not all the items which we see in the online portals are easy to purchase and cherish the quality. Especially the ready garments are the big disadvantage as the quality and the size does not fit in and my relative has sent back the parcel many a time. I think many responses would be seen to this post to register their unhappiness.
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    Online shopping is on rising these days. Even pre-COVID 19 also many of us purchased many items online. Very rarely we get any problem. Some times we have returned the material what we have purchased due to not meeting the quality requirements. We have not lost any money in this bargain and we received back our money up to the last paise also. We never experienced any problem in getting back the money.
    Now we started purchasing vegetables from a local company by using his app. They are maintaining personal contacts also with their regular customers. After receiving the material they are giving a call and ask about the quality and quantity of the material supplied and if we have any complaints they are taking care of those issues in the next supplies. We have a very good experience with such suppliers.
    But I am not very comfortable with the online purchase of clothes. Even though they are giving an option to us return in case of any problem, selecting the item is becoming a little problematic.

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    I have had my satisfactory experience for my online purchase through the Amazon. My daughter from Pune ordered a set of Sofa Set and for this I was little apprehensive regarding the quality of the product. Finally the delivery boy approached me with big bundle containing the Set and the delivery boy was supported by his colleague to lift the material up to the second floor and finally they could reach to my destination with the product without any deformity of the product.,
    In respect of dress material, in the event of my rejection of the material and intimating the same, the delivery boy has collected the items to be returned to the consignee. Money was refunded back promptly for such rejected items. Their growth of business is due to their friendly approach while doing business.

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    Online shopping is a great facility but at times we are in a fix as the item received is damaged or old or not of any use. Probably that is the reason why these online stores readily accept the returns in the stipulated time and credit the amount back to our account. Due to this good return policy many people stay for long periods with these stores for buying the items. Last year I ordered for a mobile battery and when I received I found it dead as it was not charging up and was not at all working. They immediately took it back and then I after 6 months again ordered for it thinking that by now some new stock would be there. I got the battery but either it was the same piece or another bad piece that it did not work and I had to return it. Then I bought one from the local market, though it was a bit costlier, for running the mobile.
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    Once I ordered for some bedsheets which appeared very colourful and reasonably priced in an online store and was waiting for it eagerly. The day I received it I was for a shock as the design was same but the cloth was very ordinary and get up was hopeless. They were available for a lessor price in the local market but we did not buy as they were of a very inferior quality. I immediately cancelled that and returned them during next 2-3 days when the person came and collected it. The only thing good with the online stores is their return policy.
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