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    Our past difficult times should not be forgotten

    I was watching a serial in which both friends who are now owning their companies and engaging whole lots of staff and employees to carry on the business with much ease and ability but do yearn for meeting each other and spend time at the same tea shop where they met some years back and strike upon doing the business of their own. They always remembered the troubled past and though they are in good rich position, they respect the challenging period and what they learned from the that situation which made them strong and supportive to each other.
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    True. If our life is a cakewalk we never know how to face difficulties and we will succumb to pressure in case of any unwanted issue happening. A person born rich will never know the difficulties of a poor man and by any chance, if he loses his health, he can't face life and will become panic. Difficulties we faced in our life will make us strong and stubborn.
    But a person who developed in his life and we faced hardships and come up with his own efforts will remember the days of his difficulties. Those days will teach him to conduct himself carefully even when he has a lot of money in his hands. He reserves something for future difficulties.
    We generally remember our sweet memories in our fast life. But we should remember our difficult times also and should be in our limits always. Keeping our past difficulties in mind we should help the people who are in a bad position today so that they will be also our of woods.

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    Many of us had tough times in our past times and we had struggled much to reach this level in our lives. We must remember those old times when we had encountered so many difficulties and remembering that will help us to keep steady and confident in our present life.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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