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    Improve your command skills to command your team

    As a leader how to command and control your team members is a big responsibility. Especially, when you're a newcomer in any organization, you have to manoeuvre even in untoward situations while being receptive of resistance from those who report you directly or criticism from higher authorities who do you have accountability to.
    There rises a question on your command skills. A good leader is always cool in all situations whether being in favourable or unfavourable, he knows how to put effective command and control into practice, he understands its fundamental nature, its purpose, characteristics, environment, and basic functioning. This understanding will become the basis for developing a theory and a practical philosophy of command and control.

    But those who are lacking in basic understanding of how to implement command fails to be a successful leader. A bull in China shop can never have abilities to implement command over his team. He does nothing but mess.
    If you want to be a successful leader then you require to tweak your command skills by keeping yourself in command from harmful traits like exasperation, lacking in restraint, edging yourself at wits end under duress and unfavourable conditions.

    Decision making needs great skills, so a good leader before taking any decision and implementing his ideas into practice considers all pros and cons. Invariably, differences come out when any decision is materialized and crew is expected to abide by it but unexpected resistance emanates, moreover, you have intangible duress from higher authorities as well, in this situation you are sandwiched between two forceful entities.
    Here you should keep in your mind that an intelligent leader keeps his patience intact and create artificial and orchestrated situation to remove all hurdles and impediments whether tangible or intangible which come on his way of his authority and command. Having removed all stones and pebbles he makes his way clean and smooth.
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    A nice write up as how to command on the people and get things done in a cordial and cooperative manner. Commanding is an art which very few of us possess. The reason is that it requires a great deal of patience and endurance to command people in an amicable way and to align them in the direction of the overall objective and progress of the organisation. It is a huge responsibility as well as a huge task to achieve such resonance among a team of the people recruited as a group for achieving common goals. A real commander will exercise his due diligence in commanding his people.
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    A person who is at the helm of affairs should be capable of steering his team in a correct and proper direction and then only he will be able to achieve the overall managerial aspirations. A team is nothing if a good leader is not there.
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    A nice post by the author. Everyone aspires to lead the team at their workplace, head of their unit or department, but not everyone can become a team leader. Many people try a lot, but still do not get the responsibility to lead in office, for this one needs to improve their command skills. A good leader is called the one who inspires others. In the office too, the Kuligas like to work together with the same person who walks with everyone. As the author has said, the ability to make a decision is very important. The leader has to take such steps, which are necessary for his or her followers, the team. Sometimes these decisions are tough in the eyes of the team, but the leader stays on his decision. If needed, he does not back down from taking risks. This view, his decision-making ability, later writes a success story.
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    A well thought from the writer about a leader who needs to improve their commanding skills to command his/her team. The writer has covered every point that a leader faces and the sandwhich position he often fall into due to the push from top and bottom which he needs to handle with calmness to get things work as decided. Being in a position to command others is very easy or felt like a bed of rose but when we is compressed from both end, he feels the pressure, oppressed, stressed and may even shout but he has to maintain his position, his team and also the management tactfully. A leader should be super cool as refered to MS Dhoni, peacefull but effective as our former PM ManMohan Singh, well qualified and approachable like our former President Abdul Kalam and strong in action like our current PM Modi.
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