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    How often do we see our real selves in the mirror?

    Each and every humanbeing wants to see the mirror and admire his or her external features. There are millions who think they are very smart and others who think that they are very beautiful. So far so good.

    Yet, do we pause to have a reality check on our pitfalls? The accumulation of certain negative feelings, due to certain circumstances at work, caused due to selfish or atrocious bosses or both; irresponsible behaviour of son's or daughters or brothers and sisters; stabbing on the back by someone in the family or at work-- each of these instances are very common indeed. It is easy to preach, but when it bites, every normal human being would naturally have a lot of accumulated anger in him or her.

    A few minutes of pause in front of the mirror to collect such thoughts and attempt to throw away such thoughts by just replacing thoughts that are positive in a given situation, are all that is needed. For instance, a good friend rang up saying that he was so happy that his organization would release not less than fifty percent of the annual bonus; he did not expect this. But he was mighty pleased with what he got.

    Learning to count such blessings and concentrating just on the " here and now", can be very useful. A collection of good thoughts and an ability to help others can be useful as well. Let us be accurately clear about our real selves. This is extremely important for our lives. Now, and forever.
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    When we see the mirror the external features of ours would be visible and we take note of short falls on looks and try to correct them. We often watch our face and body many a time on the full size mirror placed in our dressing room. Some would be worried about the grey hairs growing, some would be worried about wrinkle formation on the face and some may be really worried about ageing. But we never have the opportunity to read what is going inside the body and the mirror is not a x ray machine to portray what is happening inside the body. Many try to appreciate their own looks again and again. But that is wrong way of pampering themselves. The looks , beauty and goodness of the face must be appreciated by others and self assessing is something which may go wrong. However we have the compulsion to pat ourselves for good look maintenance so far.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    When we look at the mirror we see our physical self but we can also ponder and try to see our inner person and then we would see many things which we do not like but unfortunately possess. That is the time for introspection if one is really interested in it and that is the time to take a vow that some of the negative and non constructive ideas which are sitting deep there are to be rooted out for good. It is possible if we are sincere in doing that type of introspection and take the remedial measures for getting rid of some deep vices sitting there for such a long time. Mirror will show us what we want to see and if we want to find out the bad part with an intention of removing it from our lives, it would depict so. Only thing is we have to be sincere and serious in finding it and then removing it from our personality.
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    To see the things that you have said, we need not have a mirror. A mirror can reflect your physical appearance only. In no way it can reflect the feelings in your mind. So, don't go to a mirror, look at yourself and feel the good or bad or worst. Your own mind is the mirror for you.
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    The author is right, seeing our own real face in the mirror is a very important step. The person takes pride in looking at himself in the mirror for his own personality and looks while ignoring his inner quality. It is an important thing to improve yourself by realizing your mistakes, for this, the medium of meditation is chosen by most people. But it is not enough just to recognize your wrong actions or mistakes, but every day should be started with the same effort not to repeat the mistakes that have happened. Looking at the mirror every morning, plead with yourself that one day or the other is to do something in the interest of other people without any selfishness.
    Swati Sharma

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    Most of the time we only see our physical shape in a mirror until we are interested in going deep about our own nature and other inherent properties which of course only we know about ourselves. I am not very clear as what we would do even if we observe those embedded things about us by simply seeing in a mirror time to time. Will it be of some practical or fruitful value? I doubt it.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    All of us use a mirror to see whether we organised our face properly or not. We will keep our hair properly dressed by seeing in a mirror and we see in a mirror to understand how we are appearing. For these points, we always require a mirror.
    But to introspect ourselves once in a while we need not stand before a mirror. We can sit somewhere and concentrate on looking inside. We can understand where we did wrong and where we were deceived or where we deceived somebody. This is very important for any person to have this self-assessment once in a while. That will make him realise his positives and negatives and correct himself.
    We all know what we are doing. But somehow we always defend our actions and try to blame somebody. This attitude is to be erased and we should try to be honest to ourselves. We should be courageous to accept our mistakes and say sorry if needed.

    always confident

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