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    If Trump wins India would triumph China

    The world is eagerly awaiting the US elections slated for November 3rd 2020 and more than any country, It is India and the people are awaiting the results because, we are bothered by the China at the border and US President Trump has promised action against the dragon country once elected again. That gives the ray of hope for our country as we need the US help to tame the powerful China army and we do have the support from France , Australia, Japan and other countries. Interestingly the China says all is well at border after the visits of US Ministers to our country and held talks.
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    International diplomacy is to some extent depends on the fact that who is the president of US and that is why all eyes are eagerly looking up to that election. India has good diplomatic relations right now with US specially after the India's liberal help to US for some critical medicines and medical accessories during the Covid pandemic and that has given a loud message that we care for our friends. As regards China, we should not believe what they say because they have a large hidden agenda beneath and that reflects in their surprising aggressions time to time at our boundaries. Whoever becomes the president of US we have to be self sufficient in our defence and always be alert on our China border with regular show of weapons and missiles and if we are well prepared it would not dare to attack us. China will always monitor us and as soon as our defence mechanism weakens it will attack us. It is the most unreliable neighbour in the South East Asia region.
    Knowledge is power.

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    During last few years India's relations with US has improved much. There are various reasons for that but one of the most important is India's resurgence as a powerful entity in this part of the world where earlier only China was considered as the sole powerful entity. This is a thing to cheer for every Indian and if the world is recognising our hidden potential then it is in a way good for our integrity and freedom. Trump is also impressed with the recent growth and other developments that India has showcased in the international arena and if he continues the next term also then it is good for India in many respects including the Indo-China border issues.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    It doesn't matter whoever wins as the US President but China is going to suffer a lot because of trade restrictions from US and India. 95% of the trade surplus of China (which is added to China GDP) comes only from two countries i.e. US and India. That is, these two countries are contributing 4-5% to Chinese GDP growth rate (6-7%). If these countries balance their trade with China, China GDP growth rate will fall to 2-3%. That is why China is afraid of the close relation between US and India. These two countries along with Japan and Australia can alter the supply chain. If QUAD is formed officially, that will the last nail in the coffin for China.

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    Bhuvan what you said is right, the present good relations between four countries would give challenging situations for China in future.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Earlier days, USSR and USA have emerged as two big forces and the whole world is divided as a friend to the USA or as a friend to the USSR. But once the USSR got to split the USA emerged as the giant country. So the president of the USA has become a powerful person. Because of that, all the countries are looking at the elections with lots of interest.
    Already there is a big showdown between China and the USA. Automatically if China is our enemy, the USA will treat us as their friend. These days our diplomatic strategies worked a lot and we won many friends. They will definitely extend support to us if needed. Japan and France already told that they will be with us. So China may not go for a war. But we can't be complacent and we should become self-sufficient. We don't know how the equations change. China is the most unreliable. So we should be always alert and we should face the situation.

    always confident

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    Henry Kissinger said:
    "America has no permanent friends or enemies, only interests"

    It's said about Donald Trump that he is the friend of none. Recently, he opined about India in a disgusting way. Calling India 'Dirty" is sheer insult. It should be kept in mind that friendship of US with other countries solely depends on (a) accepting their supremacy (b) purchasing their products including weapons (c) compliance to their interests.

    Invariably, All countries see their interests to have friendship and diplomatic ties with other countries. China has good relations with Pakistan because their common enemy is India. US wants to have good relations with India because China is the biggest rival of US in the present political scenario and India- China have disputes on LAC.

    Should we really be happy for friendship with US ?

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    Surely If America is interested with India is to check overtures of China by selling the advanced weapons to us.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    During cold war times, we remained neutral but people all over the world believed that we were more inclined towards Russia. They sold us most of the defence equipment. Same is going on now also. We remain neutral and more inclined towards US. That does not mean we surrender to US.

    China wanted to divert the attention of the world from Covid 19 so that no one can point a finger towards it. But it got backfired. Even US may write off the sovereign debt of $ 1 trillion to China as compensation for the bio-weapon, Corona virus.

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    I don't know why we are so blinded to the fact that wherever the United States gets into, they create problems to the host countries and profit for themselves.

    Look at the mess they made in country Ukraine, Venezuela and Bolivia. They were not able reach their goals in those places so they leave total mess where the common people face brunt of their greed. The Current American president as openly stated that he has taken the oil from eastern Syria for USA's benefit. The previous president says he would arm twist countries to make them work in favor of American interests.

    It is not matter whether a Republican or Democrat comes to power, they all do the same thing. The American interest in India is not for Indians but to use India to do the dirty work against China. We can and should handle our neighbors on our own much like sibling rivalry, while keeping the big wolf at a safe distance.

    The latest signing of BECA agreement shows a serious weakness wherein the targets of Indian missiles are in control of the American satellites and they can misdirect or misfire and then blame it on a glitch on the Indian systems. Bharat Karnad, a former member of India's National Security Council is quoted stating the intermediate range Agni missile, test fired in May 1989, plunged into the sea suddenly at the terminal stage in its flight because the American GPS had just then "blinked" sending the missile off course. India thereafter used the Russian GPS.

    The USA has no friends, but puppets and hostages and servants, and they have a tiny boss-country located in the middle east Asia.

    We should not be at any of those levels.

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    Here, the big wolf is not the US but it is China. India is acting correctly now. Look at China's history, it always backstabs India. Before Belt and Road Initiative, China has nothing to get anything from Pakistan but it always supported Pakistan to contain India. Look at other surrounding countries, how China is manipulating them to reduce India's influence.

    While dealing with US, we are somewhat safe because we don't share any land border with them. US is a democratic country and we can influence it through our diaspora. Can we do anything with an authoritarian country like China? Can you name the country which is blocking India from getting permanent membership at UN Security Council?

    We don't need enemies from outside our country, we have so many enemies inside India. So, we cannot satisfy all of them.

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