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    Winning and losing are two faces of a coin

    Many people try various things in life and get success in some of them but they also miserably fail in others where they are not as proficient as they were in the former cases. One cannot win everywhere in life. There are exceptional personalities but they also err many times to lose the award or prizes in their lives in some particular area. There are so many factors for success in a particular task that we do not know the outcome and only thing is we have to complete it as per our knowledge and satisfaction. If we get success that is alright and is a welcome measure but if we do not then it becomes a learning event and we gain some experience for our future endeavours. So success and failures go hand in hand and are like the two faces of a coin inseparable and existing in the same body. Let us roll the coin and move ahead. Members may like to share their views.
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    No one can be successful every time and at the same time failures also have some limits. I think we have to take these things as a part of our lives and go ahead with our work and responsibilities. Weeping and crying on our failures will not be useful in any way. It is always better to forget the failures and focus and concentrate in the tasks in hand and then only we can progress ahead.
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    True. Winning always is not possible for any person. If a person is successful in three consecutive attempts, 4th time he will be overconfident and may not emerge victoriously. That is why in between sometimes one should taste the failure. Then he will be back to normal and try to stay on the ground.
    A win may make a person proud and that will make him stop learning. But a failure will make a person straight and start thinking about the reasons for failure and that will give the person some scope to learn and improve his knowledge.
    As mentioned by the author success and failure are the two sides of the coin. But the person who is tossing the coin should know-how to spin the coin so that he will see only success always. Sometimes the result may not be favourable;e to us. We need not worry but correct ourselves so that next time we will be successful.

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    The author is right. Losing and winning in life is part of living. If you ever lose in life, then you should not be discouraged by it, rather you should win with double effort. Only defeat would motivate you to do something good in life. It's not possible that someone wins all the time or loses every time. One should not be concerned with these problems. Rather, it should be fought firmly. One should set an example by winning big battles while fighting problems. If you ever lose in life, then it is not a matter of concern, but where there is a shortage, it should be improved. When we win after a defeat, then the feeling of that victory is different.
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    Winning and losing are not only the faces of the same coin but also the natural reality fixed by the rules of God that after every winning situation, the losing part will start. When Draupadi started laughing at the fall of Duryodhan in a magic pond, that was the bad period started for her before the good period she was able to enjoy the new palace constructed in honor of Pandavas by Vishwaksena and that magic building was called Indraprastha. In Mahabharath we can see many such happenings that after the winning period, bad things also started happening and that is the way the life if arranged.
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    Winning and loosing are the two phases occurring in their natural ways. Success in all our attempts or otherwise would be the two extreme phenomena rarely attainable in our endeavour. Hence wastage of too much time in analysing the failure would be mere a wastage of our valuable time. Instead, we must be ready to for the ongoing task and should apply all means to make it a success.
    This myth has to be understood very clearly and switching over to any task, our goal should be to concentrate on all the points with which we can reverse the defeat.

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    Winning and losing are quit natural in this world. We should take both as equal. If one person wins the competing person lose. If one face lose only other person can win.

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    A good comparison with the two sides of a coin. It is not possible to win every time and one must also taste loss otherwise, it can make a person crazy. Every action we carry out has a process and there are also many other factors associated with it. If everything goes correctly we succeed, otherwise, we fail. Failure doesn't mean we will fail again, rather we need to analyze the reasons for failure. Analyzing and taking remedial action is the way forward while repenting and not trying again will never help us to progress. It is a continuous process and we all have to think carefully while carrying out any action.

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